The direction of aerobics, which uses the step platform.

Step platform is simple and at the same time extremely useful sports equipment. Its prototype is an ordinary staircase where the American athlete Jean Miller did her exercises.

She sought to recover as quickly as possible after a knee injury and using descents and ascents up the stairs at her house, and she quickly reached her goal. Thus, step aerobics appeared, and its main sports equipment — step platform.

Over time, it began to be used in training in other types of fitness and even in the most ordinary gymnasiums — as a gymnastic bench, for example, but its primary purpose — the basis for doing exercises in aerobics, remained the same. The high popularity of this area has led to the question of where to buy a step platform for aerobics, and it does not occur — a huge range of products is offered both by regular stores and those that work via the Internet.

Step aerobics — efficiently and democratically.

Step aerobics — this is one of the most famous areas in fitness. Its popularity is not accidental: a variety of movements with their uncomplicated, rhythmic music, fast and impressive effect from training — all this contributes to the fact that the army of fans of this type of aerobics is continually growing.

Another reason is the availability of sports equipment because everyone can buy a platform for the step of aerobics, and if the circumstances are entirely constrained, it can be replaced with a low, but stable bench. Its height is from 10–15 to 25–30 cm and is selected depending on the level of training of the one who will be engaged in it.

The effect of the step aerobics is impressive: with two workouts a week, you can not only quickly bring your body in order and adjust the shape, but also keep the shape at a given level.

Classes on a step platform will never be boring: movements are notable for diversity and strength even for beginners, and rhythmic music sets the pace, turning the exercises into a fun and exciting dance. A wide range of parameters step boards allow you to conduct classes with a group consisting of people with different levels of training. Differentiation of the load here is carried out by changing the height of the platform.

Having a house such as a step platform, a pair of dumbbells and a gymnastic mat automatically turns it into a small gym, where you can fully train and keep your shape in shape.

A vast assortment of stores purchases a projectile a matter, it would seem simple. However, the question is not where to buy the step platform, but how to choose it correctly. With or without height adjustment, simple or combined, with a balancing function — the variety is huge, as is the price range, and therefore, no matter where you plan to buy a step platform, in real life or through a network — no doubt, there will be many suitable offers for everyone.


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