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Some days you just might not want to go to the gym and work out. Or maybe this is true every day. Maybe you don’t like exercising and wouldn’t know where to start. This was true for me during my senior year of college. My roommate loved working out and wanted me to join her at the gym every day. At first I said no, so she helped me take it slowly.

I’ll list a few of the things I did to ease myself into working out regularly, then I’ll explain some workouts that don’t actually feel like workouts because of how fun they are.

Each morning when I brushed my teeth, I would maintain a squat position the whole time. I did this again at night.

Every time I went to the bathroom at home, I would do 10 to 20 reps of a core workout. I rotated between crunches, leg raises, Russian twists, etc. Notice I said “at home” because I don’t suggest putting your entire body on dirty public floors.

Any time I had to choose between the elevator or stairs, I would take the stairs. This sucked because my apartment was on the fifth floor, but it got SO much easier within a couple of weeks.

Lastly, I wore workout clothes whenever I could. This made me feel like at least I should work out since I’m wearing them. Plus, I always made excuses not to exercise or do anything that would make me even a little sweaty when I was wearing normal clothes. But with workout clothes, people expect you to be sweaty.

These few little tricks made me feel like exercising wasn’t that bad. Despite how minute these activities were, I did notice myself feeling stronger over time. This eventually made me want to work out more consistently.

If you’re not convinced and still don’t want to hit the gym, here are some activities that will make you forget you’re exercising.

Go rock climbing. If you’ve read some of my other posts, you’ll know I recently started climbing. Well, before that, I had a dry spell where I didn’t work out for months. I went rock climbing as a challenge and expected to go only once, but I had so much fun and spent hours there before even remembering that I was doing a physical activity. Even when I don’t feel like exercising now, I’m still willing to go top roping or bouldering any time.

Try dancing. Dancing is so fun and definitely a workout. Plus, there are so many styles to try. If you don’t want to pay for classes, you could always go on YouTube and look up tutorials.

Hit the pool. Who doesn’t love the pool on a hot day? If you’re going for fun anyway, try to swim a few laps every 15 minutes or see how long you can tread without stopping.

Those are just a few activities that can get you moving. I dare you to try at least one of these or even come up with an idea of your own.

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