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If you’re a hard-core TRX fan, then joining their affiliate program is a great way to make some extra money while helping others get in shape, and introducing them to suspension training.

But let’s face it, not everybody can afford spending $100+ on TRX 😩

If you’re a fitness influencer/personal trainer/health & wellness coach, it’s your job to look after your clients’/social media followers’ best interests.

It’s your job to help people make an unbiased informed decision based on your personal knowledge, experience, and expertise.

When I started promoting TRX in ~2006, it was the only suspension training system on the market ( even though, cable machines, and ropes had been used for suspension training way before TRX ).

It was new, innovative, and interesting to people in the fitness world.

Once thought to be a passing fad, TRX suspension training systems have proven their worth and continue to be one of the most popular fitness equipment options for facilities and fitness participants of all kinds.

Born out of a need to minimize space and maximize functionality for a single person workout, the TRX or “Total Body Resistance Exercisetraining options have evolved into a full system of fitness options and advancements.

And nowadays, there are many cheap/affordable brands that sell suspension trainers at much cheaper price.

Find cheap TRX alternatives here, and learn how to promote, and make money with them…

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