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Why I like to gym?

There are so many apps, fitness centers, Instagram fitness models who over and over again try to persuade or inspire(what they would call) people to enrol into a gym which probably costs roughly 25 per cent of their earnings.

There are people who argue that the mushrooming fitness centres in an urbane lifestyle constantly projects the body image one should have or idolize . Having said that fitness especially through gym is indeed a highly commercial business, one should agree that fundamentally there is nothing pernicious about it.

However, at an individual level I love to hit the gym and do some cardio. I was never hoaxed or impressed by any of the advertisements or hour glass models, I still have a choice to either exercise or eat my fries. Importantly I have the choice and some days I choose to sit back and have some junk at home.

Basically we represent the most progressed social animals with a tremendous advantage, we can think. Evolution theories remarks that we adopt and develop but it takes a lot of generations. Our metabolism and activities will definitely have traces of ancestors seven generations prior. This means that there is an inherent athleticism in most of us.

Probably gym is the solution because of lack of space, time and priorities. But the underlying reason for anyone making a conscious effort to engage in any physical activity is important. Of course, in the due course of time it has appeared to be a social problem relating to serious psychological issues like ‘anorexia’, ‘blumia’,etc. But it is important to note the centrality of issue remains to be if we work out as a result of peer pressure or do we really want to do even it. The major issue with the current promotion is that they set the body image as a bait to get more people.

The best way to approach this is by introspecting the reason you want to do your work out and clearly understanding the objective.

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