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The funny thing about weight loss is you don’t always notice it. For 8 days I was just going about my business, drinking delicious shakes, eating snacks and having dinners and not really thinking about it. What I was thinking about was the cleanse days and how much my body would likely lose during those 4 days this month. What I was unprepared for was the weigh-in results I got today.

Somehow without the cleanse in 9 days (8 sleeps) I lost 8.5lbs! I didn’t think I had pounds to lose. I ended up losing about an inch of my stomach and an inch in a lot of other areas. This brings me back to my weight I was about 4 years ago in 2015 — which was when I got my Wii Fit.

Losing a pound a day when you aren’t doing anything special, and aren’t working out, is flabberghasting. But it makes sense. When you aren’t emotionally eating, or out of habit, you only eat what you need. And your body usually doesn’t need some of that extra fat, etc. that you have laying around when it realizes you aren’t trying to overeat so you can hibernate.

So here’s how today went:

7:30am: Ionix Supreme

8:30am: Breakfast shake. Strawberry. Yumm.

10:30am: Pistachio and Mandarin orange snack.

My go-to snack when it is time for a snack. Pistachios and mandarin oranges.

12:30pm: Time for lunch. Today’s menu was Chocolate Mint. Not as creamy as the Dutch Chocolate, but I do like that extra mint flavour.

3:30pm: Time for a snack again. I had a bunch of celery and then 1 cup of plain greek yogurt with a bit of honey and cinnamon. I should have kept this in the fridge. Hopefully my immune system doesn’t act up because of this. It was delicious though, but it would have been better cold.

5:00pm: Since I was to go pick up a new couch today, I needed to have a quick dinner beforehand. My usual 6:30 time for dinner would need to be bumped because the pickup time was 6:45 for our rental van. Today it was leftovers from the one pot chicken. It was quick and yummy and healthy. Not much more you can ask out of leftovers.

9:45pm: The couch finally made it to our living room. Aparently 7 foot couches aren’t made for apartment living. It was a workout and a half trying to figure out ways to get it in and out of elevators at both ends and to maneuver it around these tight hallways. In the end it looks great, but I’m ready for bed so I took some IsaComfort (swallowing pills is relatively easy now) and went to bed.

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