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If you’re one of my two devoted followers, you’re noticing that I might have taken a few extra days to write this entry. (Also, thank you.)

It’s harder than I had anticipated to write about a workout routine every time you do one. What is there to say? “Ran on treadmill. Sweating buckets. Muscles linguini. Please send $20 for pizza.”

You run out of things to say.

So, here we are. I ran Wednesday morning, and if I’m being honest, it felt better than the last time I did the second run of the week. I didn’t feel sore as the day went on. I was able to up my speed and improve upon what I had done earlier in the week. You know, the ‘no duh’ stuff that comes with regularly working out.

I know I have much to do to get better, but I’m already feeling at least a few results. My muscles feel more present — as in, I am continually aware that muscles exist in my body as opposed to feeling as though I just have arms, legs, and a mound of poor gastronomic decisions carting them around.

I remember last year, after having stood in line to buy Nine Inch Nails tickets, that I recorded a video of myself putting them in a safe location where I wouldn’t lose them. My fear, and reason for the video, was that I would forget where I had stashed them by the time the concert came around in October. I’m a busy dude, and with so many things bouncing around, being forgetful of where I leave things comes with devoting mental energy to so many other tasks.

Well, sure enough, I had to pull out the video to remember where they were. And in the spirit of things coming full circle, I recorded a quick video of myself removing the tickets. It was in comparing them later that I noticed the sharp differences between myself when I bought the tickets and the night of the concert.

A bit of context: when I bought the tickets, I still had a hernia, and had not been able to work out much because of it. Further, I was in the middle of a particularly nasty extended bout of depression, and when that hits me, I gain weight like an elephant in calving season. Flash forward to the concert, and I had just run a 5k, after training for that post-surgery for a month. I wasn’t quite what one would call “in shape” but I wasn’t far from it.

So it was nice to see the changes that a month of working out could do to my physique. My t-shirt hung looser, and my face was noticeably thinner. I even looked happier and livelier. In all, I just looked like I was feeling better.

Now — I’m not saying I’m not happy with my body. I am. I like to eat, and I enjoy drinking a beer or two with friends. My body is my own, and I’m relatively happy with it, and am not ashamed. That said, I also don’t like having to buy clothes a size up from what I’ve been wearing, as that’s more money than I’d care to devote to wardrobe updates. I also want to run this Tough Mudder, and in my current shape…that ain’t happening.

So it’s nice to see the changes, and to see that happy, lively person looking back — that’s the person I see inside of myself, and every so often, it’s nice to match the physical image I have in my head with who I see in the mirror.

So there’s that.

Mileage Update:
Daily — 3.06
Weekly — 5.93
Total Run — 12.1

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