The Power of Positivity — Network Marketing is invading the Workplace!

I am choosing to address a situation head on because that is what I have always done and will always do. I am by no means the sharpest tool in the shed, but I am as close as you will ever get to ‘never dull’.

Recently I started a new job in the construction industry, and I am led to believe through observation and peer examples, that I need to use harsh language and blunt observations of negativity in order to be heard and fit in.

When you get to know me, you will find out I am committed to any task I take on. I am not afraid to open my mind and look outside the box in order to make informed decisions, and I am not afraid to ask for assistance and seek alternative viewpoints. I also weigh my choices heavily based on the experience and knowledge of others I work with and their experience in the industry.

I firmly believe the greatest way we can help support and manifest the visions of the owners and stakeholders of the companies we work for, is to come to work every day without ever letting a negative word come out of our mouths, whether personal or professional.

I am absolutely convinced that positive language in the workplace will make the single largest impact to worker moral, quality, profitability, and the culture of every company in every industry!

There are some significant trends in the professional workplace today that seem to challenge a friendly culture and I have highlighted them below:

1. The average # of hours the American salaried professional works is 50 hours a week.

2. We have voluntarily accepted sub-inflationary raises for the last 10+ years to help our companies survive and we are now starting to experience the choking effect.

3. More and more people are seeking alternative sources of income that they can manage part time, so they don’t interfere with their careers.

4. The number of people in the workplace involved in Network Marketing is skyrocketing.

All of these trends bring challenges to the workplace. Inadequate raises have stacked up in a way that leave us no choice but to figure out how to make additional income and the average work week does not leave us a lot of time to get enough exercise, enjoy our family time and hobbies, and still harvest and prepare optimal meals 3–6 times a day. And most of us are still thinking about our jobs while doing all the above.

We are all challenged for TIME so the only option left is a residual/leveraged income business model designed to be leveraged part time and filling the cracks in our lives with life changing value added activity. This is where the consummate professional takes a step back and starts to explore the network marketing industry.

Social media has turned network marketing into the most proliferate way to add extra income to our lives while benefiting and adding value to other people’s lives. These are REAL opportunities that allow you to leverage the best products in the world without JOB time constraints.

Huge numbers of people are turning to the internet and network marketing for help and most are finding out that there is a lot more to be gained than just superior health and wealth. There is an entire personal growth education attached to network marketing that you will never get from a traditional education or corporate career.

A great many people theorize and contest that the traditional business model, educational process, and health care systems in the United States are BROKEN.

I continue to be shocked by the way people receive new information about products attached to network marketing companies. How is it possible for the same audience that respects my engineering education and problem solving expertise, to scorn, laugh, and mock at the learning and education that I bring to their attention. It is as if people forget I am a product design and development engineer. Would I really bring a product to your attention that I haven’t scrutinized and already validated by testing and turning the benefits on and off like a light switch?

When something so significant occurs in your life that challenges your every belief and life lessons, what do you do?

There is something going on in my life that is so significant it can’t be explained in an article and in fact is difficult for the most renowned doctors and scientists to understand after their own learning was challenged by a Nobel Prize winning discovery in 1998.

For medical professionals, it was a discovery so profound it changed their medical practices.

Here is the theory that I have. I believe a focus on positivity in the work places will creat a much more conducive atmosphere for learning. When we are positive we open up to external inputs, creative thought, and will accept new information and sharing. Think about all of the negativity around you. Do you not know who has the worse health problems in your workplace. Why don’t people want to be the healthiest and the happiest person at work. Why the focus on the negative in our places of work?

I have found myself focused on these 5 challenges. If I can make these positive changes in my environment I know what happens to the rest of my life when my achievement is rewarded.

1) I continue to improperly introduce a science based clinically proven ‘nutraceutical’ product to a great many people I know, love, and work with. It appears that the average person is still unaware of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine and the impact it had on the vitamin and supplement industry which it ‘OBSOLETED’. It is quite odd that the scientifically proven worthless products are still on all the pharmacy and grocery store shelves everywhere in the U.S. OR IS IT?!?

2) I have an absolute responsibility to share this information and make sure everyone is aware of this product that changed my life and has already allowed me to impact the lives of more than 190 people in such significant ways nobody over the age of 35 can ignore.

3) I am obligated to protect the brand and hence the need for this sharing. If someone cannot take 1 hour out of their busy lives to make an educated and informed decision about the greatest health product ever created for consumption, or won’t risk nothing to experience a perfect daily whole food nonGMO nutritional diet for a month, then why should they feel good about saying anything at all?

I have spent more than 4000 hours researching medical white papers to learn how these benefits are possible. All I am suggesting to the professional career minded folks out there, is to respect those that may know things you don’t simply because they chose to or were given the opportunity (unemployment) to research all of the Medical Journals and white papers.

People have to recognize the negative impact that uninformed, unintelligent, uncalled for language has on others around you. (IE making references such as ‘Snake Oil’, ‘Pyramid Scheme’, ‘Get rich quick scam’, or belief statements that ‘uninformed’ people attach to the things they don’t understand.)

??WHY is this such a normal response for people that clearly know nothing??

The problem I want to attack head on is this.

Should employers and managers within companies restrict the sharing of life changing information between the people we all work with and care about? What ever happened to freedom of speech. If an employee has a rekindled spirit from health improvements, will it not positively impact their performance at work? And if they are gifted at sharing and happen to replace their JOB income, is that a bad thing? Are not employers there to support and improve the lives of their employees?

My primary goal in this sharing is to address the workplace and the positive communication that is ‘needed and necessary’ to create a working environment that will allow us all to survive and thrive.

Do you really want to potentially impact or interfere with the decision of someone else that may benefit from a product you don’t understand? What if that same person knows somebody else who gets to eliminate the wheel chair in their life or stops them from thinking about suicide? For example:

a) I helped someone get rid of every life-threatening symptom from a disease called Sarcoidosis. This disease is currently on the FDA ‘watch list’ until it impacts more people. Did you even know there was such a thing as a ‘disease watch list’?

b) Until a disease impacts enough people to justify the financial investment of any pharmaceutical company, the MIRACLE drug will never be developed. Instead they go on the list. Because remember, only drugs can cure and prevent disease.

c) Did you know every pharmaceutical drug in the industry today is derived from a leaf, stem, root, or fruit of an all-natural plant on this earth?

d) This product I share eliminated EVERY SYMPTOM she had, and the best part is I DIDN’T KNOW THIS PERSON and I didn’t even know the person on my team that shared the product with her to begin with.

e) Please don’t let your blindness, lack of knowledge, or lack of time keep you or others from experiencing amazing products that can change the lives of your neighbors, close family, and those around you that need help.

Because I am an engineer with my own introverted personality challenges, I can be a little rough around the edges. This sometimes makes it difficult for me to share this product information in a way that all personality types can accept and open up to. All I know is I have been getting paid to consume this gift from mother nature after two months with the company and I can show anyone how to do the same thing in weeks.

IMO, I have won the ‘life’ lottery. At 48 years old I have eliminated every drug prescription in my life, including two blood pressure, two stomach pump inhibitors, IBS, Ulcers, GERD, and all the pain narcotics and steroids in my life and I feel better than I ever have since the age of 25. I can play sports and be active again on an ankle I couldn’t use since my last surgery at the age of 35. Not only did the product give me my life back physically after 10 years of dormancy, it got me through the worst financial stretch of my entire professional career since the age of 18. For this reason, I hope you will take the time to learn with me and take awayone thing.


I am committed to becoming a much better sharer of life changing information that is too hard for people to believe. Until then, I ask you to remain positive and open minded so you can receive the great information that others share with you and make sure you are not negatively impacting someone else’s decision to try something they might think has value to them. It just might be ‘the only’ and ‘most convenient’ way in the USA to EAT perfect nutrition EVERY day from WHOLE nonGMO foods for the unbelievable price of 4$ a day.

When I am blessed with great information, I must share it because of who I am and how I tick.

Some people treat these types of products like they are a conflict of interest at work. If you don’t want my daughter and I to benefit after we drastically improve your health, then please let me happily connect you with someone else so you can still buy it and experience your ideal health. Only then will you finally understand how important your ideal health is to me. Rejuvenating hope via better health motivates me.

The sooner people focus on the power of positive language and learn to keep their mouths shut when they have nothing positive to contribute to the betterment of the conversation or environment around them, the world will be a better place.

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