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Grown in Siberia, Eleutherococcus reliefs stress like no other. It is not from the ginseng family although it is known as a Siberian Ginseng which is also known widely in the northern regions of China, Japan and Korea.

Eleutherococcus can be obtained in many forms but having its tea is the best way of having its benefits. If taken as tea, its triterpenoid saponins agents relax body and end anything that causes stress — mainly by reducing the growth of stress hormones. The tea also improves blood circulation and has a very positive impact of mental and physical characteristics. The herb also has an ability to maintain immune system and fight common viruses like influenza and rhinovirus. Eleutherococcus is loaded with strength; this plant can bare the most extreme weather conditions in Siberia according to many scientists. Therefore, whoever takes it gets the best benefits and treatment.

The herb is also known to maintain blood pressure keeping it healthy and has eliminated symptoms of angina. It is a rich adaptogen that perfectly selects the best blood pressure from one individual to another. We recommend you to take this herb after waking up in the morning or during afternoon. You will find amazing results after the use of 6–8 weeks. Make sure you take a two week break before resuming the consumption of this tea. You can even have it in the form of capsule, however an advice from a physician/dietitian is required.

Christiaan Janssens

CRO Akwa Wellness

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