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Just getting started…

This week I kicked off my 16 week training plan for the 2019 New Jersey Marathon. These first few weeks are all about building consistency and getting into a routine.

The newest part of this training block for me is the number of days I am running. In prior builds I was running 3 or 4 times a week, this time around its 5 days, plus 2 strength workouts and yoga. Along with the number of run my peak mileage is also going to increase significantly, previously I would max out at about 30 miles this plan has me hitting nearly 50 miles per week.

This week showed me most that I am ready to tackle this training plan one bite at a time, and this week was just the first bite. I cruised through 28-miles this week.

I relearned that I need to prioritize going to sleep early so that I get enough rest. As well I need to be drinking more water through out the day to stay hydrated, even in the cold weather I am beginning to feel dehydrated later in the day.

My best two workouts came at the end of the week. My Thursday morning tempo run was amazing. Took the warm up super relaxed and easy, then turned left onto the East River running path and cruised south for 22 minutes before turning back, in the end I averaged 8:34/mile, Most importantly I stayed super consistent and felt great.

On Saturday, I headed out on my first long run (10-miles). I felt a little tired and sluggish in the morning but once I got my feet moving I started to open up and really enjoyed the run. The pace felt good and I felt strong for the whole thing.

The thing I am most happy about is that at the end of these runs I am not feeling totally defeated and exhausted. Quite the opposite, I am feeling strong and excited. Do not get me wrong I know that marathon training is going to be hard and I am going to have some shitty runs, but this week was a good one and I am enjoying the journey Tomorrow’s a rest day and on Monday it all begins again!

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