IFBB Pro Francis Benfatto + Academy Director Andrew Oye Host Benfatto PPM Training Academy Seminar…

Benfatto PPM Training Academy News: Pro bodybuilding legend, physique icon, Master Trainer, IFBB Pro Francis Benfatto and PPM Academy Director Andrew Oye host a PPM Training Academy Introductory Seminar in Zhengzhou, China (sponsored by Benfatto Nutrition). Academy officials will be in Asia from January 15–20, to promote the business and training benefits of the Progressive Performance Methodology to the Chinese personal-training market.

PPM培训学院:渐进式绩效培训系统。 简介研讨会郑州黄金时代中国与法国健美传奇人物Francis Benfatto +学院院长Andrew Oye。 1月15日至20日

On January 16, 2019, GFA Goldentimes Fitness Academy hosts an unveiling ceremony and campus grand opening, as well as a signing ceremony for the Goldentimes Fitness Academy Honorary Training Instructor Award recipient — pro bodybuilding legend, IFBB Pro Francis Benfatto (the “Sphinx”).

Based on his own journey and decades of experience, helping people around the world to discover their potential, Francis Benfatto established the Benfatto PPM Training Academy with Academy Director Andrew Oyé, collaborating to present the Benfatto Progressive Performance Methodology: The Gold Standard in Fitness Training. Goldentimes has an internationally renowned bodybuilding gold status.

With common missions, Goldentimes and PPM reached a partnership agreement. The PPM will be implemented at the GFA, bringing world-class professional training and competition guidance to bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts in China.

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Francis Benfatto, CEO of Benfatto Enterprises, CEO of Benfatto Nutrition (BN), Creator of Benfatto Progressive Performance Methodology (Benfatto PPM), Lifestyle Coach, Global Wellness Leader, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Classic Bodybuilding Legend, Physique Icon. |

Francis Benfatto is represented by Andrew Oye, Creative Services. Andrew Oyé, Global Director of Creative Services + Marketing (ACCSELerator: Advanced Creative Consultant in Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle). | Andrew Oye Creative Services | Author of Andrew Oye’s IFBB Pro Athletes Roundup, a bodybuilding expert column for bodybuilding industry news about IFBB Pro League Athletes, and Andrew Oye’s IFBB Pro Muscle Report covering IFBB Pro League Contest Reports.

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