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How media affects the way you see yourself

Here are facts:

  1. The number of girls feeling appearance pressure from social media doubles between ages 13 (30%) and 18 (60%)
  2. 2 out of 10 girl with high body confidence and 8 out of 10 girls with low body confidence say social networks can make them feel worse about their appearance
  3. 80% women say that the images of women on television and in movies, fashion magazines, and advertising make them feel insecure.
  4. 42% of girls first through third grade want to be thinner

And that’s not only a common story of female:

  1. 53% of men feel uncertain about their appearance once a week and more
  2. 63% of men said they always feel like they could lose weight
  3. 41% of men said they worry about people judge their appearance

Where is our self-esteem?

Yes, as humans, we are sensitive to people comments. We are vulnerable creatures who always try to find single chance to express what we are and want to be listened but scared of being judged. And it seems more likely to get hurt in the modern world where we stay so connected on social media that millions of contents about personal lives are published everyday. We, more than ever, update effortlessly people’s looks, their activities, then easily compare ourselves to other’s assets: friend, family, bank balance, house, appearance, outfit. It’s social media that we are surrounded by will gradually forms how we perceive this world then see ourselves. And when I find there are lots of books, channels, shows out there teaching people how to love themselves, how to be self-confident, I know it implicates that self-doubt is a problem of our society and that we are not well-educated enough about it. Is it easy to lose than to get self-esteem in this modern world? Or self-esteem is now built up from other materials: retouched selfies and filter video?

Is the body image everything?

Ideal body image changes chronologically and geographically. It is like fashion. Full-bodied woman, for example, was regarded as beautiful in Ancient Greece is seen fat at present. Everything is temporary. (Impermanence from Buddhism doctrine is what I believe in, btw). Things that we see beauty today may not tomorrow. And beauty is such a subjective topic.

Body images that are frequently promoted on media, for me, it’s just a standard of an industry. Also, I don’t believe in standard, I believe in variety that is more practical. if something volatile by times, it’s not high value. Body image is nothing but tulip mania for me. It’s gold not tulip that we should look for. Inner health and outer glow, on the other hands, are golds. They are intrinsic values that last forever.

Take care of your health, both physical and mental

When I set my training goal is to live healthier and happier, it changed the way I thought of training — It’s no longer a pressure. Before that, my big fat belly always made me feel so rushed and anxious. I used to desperately want to see big change right after training sessions, like my mind always got stuck into that idea. And that was stupid. I quit that time, feeling nothing but unsatisfied then got back by a slow start of running with no expectation year and a half ago. While seeing training is a method to release stress, or a routined activity like writing, eating, sleeping that I should treat my body, I totally change my mindset. I regard it as a good time I present myself everyday (or every 2 days) that I definitely deserve. I care less about flaws, just listen to my joy and do the lessons. I keep spinning because I feel so excited while finishing my hill. I dance because I enjoy the music and my instructor are such energetic leaders. Now I have better abs not kind of 6 packs but I look good in my fitted dress and I never feel better.

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