5 Most Annoying Things to Forget When Going to the Gym

Fitting gym time into a busy life can be tough. When going to the gym from work or other activities it can be easy to forget something. Or perhaps you’re just in a rush to get there because you’re so excited. Let’s get into some of the worst things to forget on your way to the gym:

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5. Membership Card

You took your husband’s car, but your card is on the keys to the other car. You were car-pooling and didn’t bring your wallet. You remember putting it in the gym bag, but not the one you brought this time. We’ve all been there. The paranoia sets in: “what if they don’t let me in? I can prove I go here! I have my ID!” And it’s all for nothing. They just look you up and you’re good to go.

4. Second Change of Clothes

You’re all sweaty from your high intensity cardio session. Then you get back to the locker room to change and realize you have nothing to change into. Now you can’t take a shower because you’re not going to take off smelly clothes just to put them back on. And then, if you drove, you have to sit in your car and spread the sweat to your seats. It’s a mess.

3. Lock for the Locker Room

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When switching bags on your way to the gym, it’s always possible to forget your lock. When you come to the gym straight from work or classes, you might have your laptop on you. Is it worth the risk leaving it in a locker with no lock? I know I wouldn’t be able to focus on my workout so I would head home so that I can secure my valuables. If I’m just bringing a coat and shampoo though, it might be worth the risk. That being said, it’s more than annoying checking multiple unlocked lockers to keep finding peoples’ stuff. Not everyone cares about locking their stuff.

2. Shorts with Pockets

For those of us who wear long-style athletic shorts, we own some pairs with pockets and a few that don’t. Sometimes I’m in a rush and don’t think of which pair I’m grabbing. Sometimes I mix them up. Sometime all the ones with pockets are due for a laundry day. Whatever the reason, when I’m at the gym without pockets, it’s a tragedy as I have to hold my keys, water bottle, and phone on the way into the gym and locker room. And, since I don’t have Bluetooth earbuds, I depend on my pockets to hold my phone in place.

  1. Headphones/Earbuds
Photo by Barrett Ward on Unsplash

Is there anything more demoralizing than reaching into your bag to find out you forgot your headphones. What are you even going to do at the gym? Oh yeah, work out and lift, or maybe cardio, but without listening to music? Some might even ask if this is possible when music can be the source of motivation to take your physical game to the next level. And for those podcast listeners, it can be hard to extricate from the multitasking life you live. I get it, but there really is a lot to gain when you’re with yourself and just yourself. Make the most out of it and burn some carbs to the rhythm of your breath or heart!

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