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Startup Ideas — 2018

535. In the Toilet
App that detects when you’re in the toilet and blocks all incoming messages.

536. Funny Jokes App
Hilarious jokes when you need them most.

537. Lifeline App
Help and support those who are in trouble by sending them love through a life line.

538. Dog is Alone
App that pings you when your dog is left home alone.

539. Duplicate Me
App that allows you to send messages into multiple locations at once.

540. Fatigue Clock
Analyse when your fatigue is the highest and identify when it’s the lowest.

541. HRV for Everyone
HRV monitor that allows anyone and everyone to easily track their HRV + plus changes.

542. Learn2Love
App that teaches you how to love and live again in an honest, real way.

543. Track and Chase
Ability to track and chase bodily issues that you may or may not have faced.

544. TIPI Feelings
Move through the stress cycle using the wonderful and beneficial art of TIPI.

545. Podcast Digest
Key facts and takeaways from the world’s best podcasts, trimmed down into actionable snippets.

546. One Line News
News condensed into one line or sentence in order to get through.

547. Scar Cream
Cream to remove, smooth and overall reduce scars on the face.

548. Breathe Through it
Concerned feelings you need to work through? Learn to breathe through it.

549. Fix it Fast
Same day handy people in a task rabbit style engagement.

550. STD Diagnosis
Online STD diagnosis to get to the bottom of issues/problems.

551. Family Show and Tell
Show and tell for family and friends to share your achievements.

552. Reddit without Trolls
Small communities which engage in proactive troll-free conversations.

553. Re-itch
Cream which prevents re-itching of an area or spot for up to 24 hours.

554. Shiny Skin
Products designed to give you that wonderful glass skin look.

555. It’s Okay
App to help you show + tell people that it’s okay when you’re worried about something.

556. Resolute Thoughts
Show how to guide someone to resolute thinking by allowing them identify and understand thought patterns.

557. Higher Higher Higher
Simple ways to improve your thinking through high level activities designed to challenge this.

558. Medicine Ball for Spine
Spinal medicine ball to improve your spine formation and extension.

559. Vests for all
Beautiful vests for everyone and anyone regardless of body shape or size.

560. Couples Coaching
Little app that helps couples get the most out of each other.

561. Believe App
App that helps you learn to believe in yourself and to be the best version of you.

562. You’re Normal
App that allows people to post thoughts/questions to realise you’re as normal as everyone else.

563. Real Talk
Show the world what it’s really like to be someone who isn’t a movie star teen hero.

564. Incentive Fit
Incentives to help you become fit through the use of positive reinforcement and positive psychology.

565. Real Fit
From fitness novice to fitness pros with no bullshit mental and physical coaching.

566. Long Fit
App that will help you stay fit from now until an incredibly old rounded age.

567. Family Send
App to help you share wonderful moments with your family, curated and looked after by them all.

568. Family 360
Micro network for you and your family or loved ones to share and do awesome stuff.

569. Enough is Enough
For people with high impulse and low self-control, learn when enough is enough.

570. Superhuman
Become superhuman through an app like gyroscope but with specific coaching on improvements.

571. FitnessOS
OS for your fitness, monitored by fitness professionals and personal trainers themselves.

572. FounderFounder
Find founders or would be co-founders for businesses/incredible ideas using this simple tool.

573. Your Crutches
Learn to give up your crutches through simple mindfulness training.

574. Mindfulness Sex App
App to prompt incredible sex using mindfulness techniques.

575. Live to 100
App to support health and fitness to live to 100 in a sustainable modern way.

576. 12 Months to You
Achieve almost any goal in 12 months using a simple progressive overload system.

577. Cheap Market Research
Like Mintel, but using external revenue sources to make this accessible to everyone.

578. Netwont
Create your netwont of people who act as blockers for behaviours you dislike in yourself.

579. Eater for Millennial
Eater style advice and ability to find cool shops/food but specifically for millennial and their needs.

580. Draw a Day
App tha supports you with drawing exercises per day to go from zero to hero.

581. TheMuse
Inspiration for designers and creatives without distraction or clutter.

582. Creative Arpeggio
Break down creative ideas and processes into little arpeggios we can all learn to work with and follow.

583. Memory Kick (Chat w/Mark)
Ann app that helps the public get better and better at memorising/using their memory (headspace style).

584. Reporter
Be paid for reporting on and find stories within certain industries (in an NDA environment of course).

585. StickFit
Stay fit forever with the help of a motivational coach/provider of fitness advice.

586. Buy and Grow
Startups and ideas ready to be sold and taken on by high-perfoming business people or entrepreneurs.

587. Business Build (think Seeder but with early liquidation)
Marketplace where people pay for businesses to be built and then those businesses are sold.

588. Idea Machine
Create ideas from words and thoughts extrapolated to create meaning for you.

589. Aesthetic Office
Beautifully designed offices that fit together like puzzle pieces (targeted towards seed stage startups).

590. Minimal Dropbox
Gorgeous minimal drop box to improve the way that people are able to dress and function in life.

591. Thoughts Emphasis
A way to emphasise thoughts based on the lifestyle/expectations of others.

592. Replica
Have replica items created for you based off of items sent to you which have been discontinued (or close to).

593. Honesty
App the gradually coaches you to come to terms with honesty through mindful activities.

594. Better Sex
App to encourage couples to have better sex by identifying key problem areas.

595. Dog Toy for Hunger
Dog toys to reduce hunger and to clean the teeth of dogs in a simple and meaningful way.

596. Psychology for All
Simple app to teach people how to use psychology to improve/simplify their lives.

597. Great Courses for Skills
Like Skillshare, but with the goal of giving you enough knowledge to move into a new field in a meaningful way.

598. AI Feedback
Designbot which gives you feedback based on how you interact with the world and the items associated with those.

599. Business Callout
Anonymous forum that allows you to callout business for a small associated cost.

600. Conflict Resolver
Simple app to support conflict resolution among marriages or businesses.

601. Private Members Clubs
Access private members clubs through a vetting process within the app itself.

602. Send Delay
Tool which identifies how fast you’re typing or the frequency of typing and asks if you’d like to delay sending a messages.

603. Send Delay (Words)
Tool which scans what you’ve written and asks if you’re sure you’d like to send it (think Grammarly but meaningful).

604. Your Progress
Progress reminders from a journalling tool to help reduce the cognitive load from hedonic adaptation

605. Learner Job Board
Job board that sells jobs to people by describing learning potential instead of salary.

606. Progreat
Get access to rewards and bonuses by making progress against your goals (talent scouts on the platform etc.).

607. Wrinkle Free
Simple exercises to reduce wrinkles and to track the progress of reducing wrinkles as you go along.

608. Make Love Last
App to support the MLL methodology by John Gottman.

609. Minimal Gym
Gym gear for minimalists that are functional as much as they are useful/stylish.

610. Illusionary
Teach designers about illusionary art and how to create this in their work.

611. Crossover
App that allows people to learn from industry professionals in similar industries which have crossed over to another.

612. Forwarder Key
App that tracks email forwards and actions taken on those forwards to generate capital.

613. Referral Marketplace
Find businesses/consultants offering referral fees for bringing in quality work and labour.

614. Weight of the World
Mindfulness app to help you live your life in a meditative way that makes an impact.

615. True Love
A CRM specifically designed for the people you love and care about most in the world.

616. Hunger Begone
App that allows you to search for foods to eliminate hunger (think MFP but with a focus).

617. Recover
App that helps you measure and track workout recovery by utilising both DNA and external questions.

618. Multivitamin Subscription
Multivitamins sent to your door based entirely on your lifestyle factors.

619. Food Accountability
Take pictures of your food each day, send them to the accountability network.

620. Reduce Tech
Spend less time around technology by joining stake groups to help you move away from dependancy.

Fitness Focused

621. Charity PT
Think Kickstarter for PT, funded by others within the industry itself.

622. Watchful Eyes
Think YouEat meets strong in a way that allows PTs to help you learn and grow.

623. SaaS PT
Think freeletics but people vs. AI doing the job needed to be done.

624. CommitFit
Fitness app with built in commitment mechanics to make sure you’re going to be on top of your goals.

625. FtinessOS
Gyroscope but with a focus on fitness/health goals.

626. MindfulFit
Use mindfulness to alter your relationship with fitness for the best.

627. Strong w/PT
App similar to strong but allowing PTs to monitor and give feedback/updates on client performance.

628. FitRace
Fitness commitments between you and the world, improving your accountability.

629. SkillShare 4 Fitness
Platform which allows fitness professionals to distribute their courses and materials to others to generate income.

630. The Goal
Achieve your fitness goals by measuring and tracking progress against what’s been set.

631. MotivateFit
A system to create fitness motivation for the long-term users.

632. Recover Spray
Magnesium spray marketed to the masses for recovery.

633. HonestFit
Realistic fitness goals defined and set by accountability matrixes.

634. Aesthetic Freeletics
Similar to the freeletics business, but focused on aesthetics through checkins and according news.

635. Siri for Fitness
Siri style fitness commodity to help you be the best you.

636. StandFit
Improve your physical posture and sitting stance through simple reminders.

637. FitnessLeague
Measure and test your skills/prowess vs other budding fitness enthusiasts.

638. FitMind
Build an immutable mindset through thought and meditation to achieve fitness goals.

639. InjuryOS
Create a platform to analyse workouts and injury potential etc.

640. FitSleep
App designed to help you use sleep to make the most out of fitness in general.

Lifestyle Apps
641. Total Mood Boost
Simple app designed to boost your mood and make your life happier overall.

642. Rehab and Restore
Targeted exercises for the pains and uncomfortable points in your life.

643. Less Fit
Get fitter, stronger and leaner with less.

644. Become Exponential
Simple app to allow you to become exponential through easy skills.

645. Total Accountability
Partners who will act as the accountability buddies for you and your friends.

646. The Focused Habit
Add habits to your life through linear focus on a maximum of two or three at any one point.

647. The One Todo
App which focuses on the largest todo you need to accomplish on a day and nothing else.

648. Mindful Sleep (maybe YouSleep?)
Sleeping habits designed to beget a more mindful lifestyle overall.

649. Mindful Fitness (Youfit?)
Become more fit through the accountability goals of others.

650. Your Circle (free for anyone in a circle, pay for people to create new circles)
App that allows you to communicate with friends in an efficient way and create circles to plan and communicate ideas/events.

Back to Normal
651. Office Fun
Weekly deliveries for a more fun and cohesive office environment.

652. Office Trips
Discount trips planned for small companies to build better teamworking environments.

653. NDAs on Blockchain
A public place to store and acknowledge all non-disclosure agreements.

654. The Public Library Blockchain
Library of books on the blockchain for people to rent and interact with.

655. Repair Requests
Open marketplace to have the items that matter most to you repaired.

656. iPhone MRI
Ability to take an MRI scan or similar for physical health/fitness using your iPhone.

657. Sell Boxes
Sell all your packaging and boxes to companies that’ll collect and use them accordingly.

658. Sketchnotes for Blinkist
Handsome sketch notes for blinkist books detailing all of the learned details.

659. Sketchnote Kit
The perfect kit for sketch noting and creating wonderful handsome illustrations.

660. Sanity Box
Subscription box designed to look after and support your mental health.

661. Unlearning App
Unlearn bad or detrimental habits by creating a system to facilitate ex-formation.

662. YouAte w/Mindfulness
App that allows you to share track, and spam comments on your friends food for fitness growth.

663. Wealth
App to help you amass wealth by focusing on the intricacies of what wealth means to you as a person.

664. Fashion First
App to help you see what people are wearing today and how you should dress.

665. Pet Vital Signs
Tracker that allows you to take a look at your pets vital signs and to ensure they’re happy.

666. Limited
App that limits your consumption or use of certain specific media to make your life peaceful and simple.

667. Ablo
Learn fashion design from the best in the industry in a way that focuses on simplicity.

668. Let’s Ornate
Handmade ornate accessories created by skilled craftsmen in the third world (better life and living conditions).

DAO against regular decisions to see if it’s worth taking a certain specific action.

670. Apartnetwork
Network of apartments owned/endorsed by a secret network of entrepreneurs which anyone is able to book and share through membership (invite only).

671. Give it Away
Pass anything you don’t need on to other people that do.

672. Like it?
Feedback from other people with similar taste profiles on whether or not you’d like something.

673. Capable
Network of contacts who will give you updates on whether someone is truly capable or not.

674. Advisor Hire
Hire advisors for your business by locating relevant leaders with experience through the site.

675. OS for the Mind
Think gyroscope but with a specific focus on the human mind vs. the human body.

676. Rest and Restore
System that gives you an approximate overview of your body’s health given a DNA profile.

677. Suit Up
On demand suit hire for adults looking to dine or entertain on demand.

678. Borrow This
App that allows you to borrow the belongings of another person for money, with said possession being insured by the platform itself.

679. Spark Reminders
Beautiful reminders with 10x the functionality of apple reminders (they suck so this should be easy).

680. Metabolic
App to help you measure and improve your current metabolic rate based on your key/specific factors.

681. Explainer
Simple app that takes bloated words and information, condensing it and making it simple to explain/understand.

682. Instant VC
Algorithm that runs through data and quickly offers you investment depending on your team + business etc.

683. Reverse Coffee
Warm bedtime drink that’ll send you to sleep by rebalancing and removing cortisol in general.

684. Thoughtspace
Canvas designed to get you thinking and to get you to complete fundamental ideation for important projects.

685. Vision Board
Add on for Slack that displays a vision board for the channel you open (to keep everyone’s goals aligned).

686. Grooming Buddy
On demand app that lets book grooming packages within your local area for a BNO or similar.

687. Healthy Deliveroo
Deliveroo but for all the fundamentally healthy shops in your area, with calorie information on everything and anything.

688. Legacy
Create legacy projects with others/a community looking to leave their mark on the world (reward is awareness).

689. Long Life Fridge
Special fridge which keeps food fresher for longer using new and exciting fridge technology.

690. Just Freezer Enough
Freezer that freezes food enough to keep it safe, but not too much that it takes hours to defrost.

691. No DietLife without diet whilst still losing weight and looking great.

692. Hire Network
Utilise your network and get them jobs where you get cash, by vouching for their talent etc.

693. Is this Clean?
Scan clothes with your phone to figure out whether they’re clean enough to be worn in public.

694. Hair Removal Shower
Shower which removes all your hair without hurting your skin, great for those looking for a quick, easy fix.

695. Forward Thinking
App designed to help you think forwards without convoluting yourself on small thinking.

696. Ex-Perfectionist
App to gradually help you be more comfortable with avoiding perfectionism.

697. Franz for Productivity
Imagine a place where Evernote, Dropbox and Google Docs could all live happily hand in hand natively.

698. 200 Lighter
App that focuses on mindful changes to diet and lifestyle to reduce calorific in take.

699. Skin Con
App that scans your skin, lets you know its condition and gives you actionable advice on how to improve it.

700. Bio Markers
App that scans your hands, hair and face etc. to give you an indication of how well your biomarkers are doing.

701. Friend Drop
Wonderful gift packages and air drops for your friends.

702. Honest Box
Good food and honest ingredients delivered to your door.

703. Automated Happy Bday Cards
Automatically send cards to your friends and family every year without ever needing to remember.

704. Good for You
Hints, tips and tricks to help you be the best version of you on a daily basis.

705. Modern Swiss Army Knife
Swiss army knife for the modern world to help you cut through the thick of it.

706. RSI Blocker
App that tells you when to stop, stretch and wiggle to avoid RSI.

707. Hologram Apple Pen
Hologram that allows you to draw on it with the Apple Pencil on walls or tables etc.

708. Hair Stilt
Shampoo which slows overall hair growth across your head and your body.

709. Threat Detector
Device that detects threats in your nearby area, alerting you to be safe and sound.

710. Smell-Free Underwear
Underwear which doesn’t smell or stain in the same way as normal underwear, allowing you to wear them for longer.

711. Happy Button
After every interaction, press the happy button to change your mood.

712. AI Therapy
Therapy is about asking the right questions, not giving any answers, is there a way to supercharge this with therapy?

713. Keto Water
Water that’s designed to remove the sweet craving in your mouth without actually being sweet.

714. The Patch
Placebo patch used to help people cure their addictions and ailments.

715. Posture Bag
Backpack designed to support incredible posture without compromise.

716. Doggy Okay Collar
Collar for dogs to ensure they’re okay and happy, pinging you alerts when they’re not.

717. Sweat Free Organic Deodorant
Deodorant without aluminium that 100% stops sweat and isn’t harmful to the body.

718. Perch
Sit on the edge of conversation and give feedback when requested or an intermediary is needed.

719. Remote Marriage Counsellor Marketplace
For people who desperately need things fixing ASAP.

720. Habit Protocol
Like Strong Lifts, but specifically for habits, don’t adjust or change the set routines.

721. Hustle Houses (Co-Living for Hustlers)
Houses built to support the hustle of startups and young founders/would be entrepreneurs (money made off rent and VCs/personal investment from the house etc.).

722. Hyperconnector
Network for hyper connectors in the UK to make money from introductions.

723. Office Supplies
Every morning have specific supplies delivered to your office to ensure employee well-being (or weekly if non-perishable).

724. AI Calendar
All your todos and goals sent to you on a daily basis to deal with what’s necessary in the correct order.

725. Travel Cases
Hyper useful and simple travel cases that look minimal and allow you to travel with more, for less.

726. Artisan Sparkling Water
Delicious sparkling water for the avid water drinkers in us.

727. Fasting Water
Sparkling water designed specifically for fasting and the fasting movement around that.

728. Work Headphones
Productive headphones designed to help you focus and get work done (on/off lights).

729. Pre-Workout for Work
Pre-workout supplements for people about to get to work and to focus on learning.

730. Philosophy Debates
App that allows you to have philosophical debates with others in real-time and threads.

731. Industry Bleed
Learn how to apply your skills to a new industry in order to make tonnes of money.

732. Typing Mac App
Shows your average typing speed and suggestions on how to improve that each day.

733. Routines App
App which helps you create and manage successful routines for your day.

734. Bowl Movements
Take pictures of your stool and leaves notes based on how you’re feeling about said sample.

735. Weight Loss Kit
Delivery box with weekly supplies designed to support and help you lose weight (simple, non-weird stuff).

736. Custom Crates
Customised crates and drop shipments sent to people around the world you care about.

737. Salesforce for iMessage
Basically, a personal contacts CRM for people and occasions.

738. Vouch Network
A network for hiring which only focuses on the recommendations of other (relationship between each other listed).

739. Productised Consulting Marketplace
Fiverr or Crew but for specific productised consulting across a set number of fields.

740. Spa Day
Simple app that allows you to have the items and people needed for an at home spa day, straight to your door.

741. Micro Hedge Funds
Pay students to create micro hedge funds to receive and deliver capital to investors.

742. Posture Pall
App which helps you refine your posture based on the way your body moves.

743. Goals Matter
App which gives you a goal focus to work on each and everyday.

744. Young at Heart
App to help you track what matters most to remain young and free.

745. Swipe to Date
App that organises a date for you based on a mutual swipe, dating made easy.

746. Recycle All
Recycle any and all of your old belongings for cash based on a network of buyers.

747. Ai Interior
interior design based on Ai algorithms and simple concepts/mathematical styles.

748. You Are Your Own Boss
App that teaches you to be your own boss and look after yourself accordingly.

749. Friend Jar
Accumulate money in an online pot which can be used through votes for certain things.

750. No Hunger
App which talks you through hunger and similar feelings in an understandable way.

751. Couples Alarm App
You both need to wake-up, so here’s the most efficient way of doing so.

752. Mineral Shower Attachment
Amazing water designed to hydrate and soften the body from a filter like attachment.

753. Meditation for Entrepreneurs
Meditation which gives the same benefits, but doesn’t feel like meditation.

754. Simple Hair Styling Products for Men
No-one knows how any of these products work, so let’s simplify the process.

755. Body and Beard Trimmer in One
Is there a way to have the best of both worlds in one device?

756. Multi-Purpose Minimalist Products
Do more, with less and live a richer, fuller life.

757. Hay Fever Remedy
Natural, all-purpose remedy that doesn’t destroy your immune system in the process.

758. Custom Principle Books
To carry around with you each day and to help you live your life to be the fullest you.

759. Everyday Concierge
For all the little things in life which we don’t have time for/want someone else to take care of.

760. Gym Socks w/Grip
For people who want to experience barefoot, but without sliding around when doing lunges.

761. Pointless Ideas
List of pointless ideas you’re able to buy or upvote as truly the most pointless.

762. Horse Syndicate
Syndicates to allow people to buy % of horses and share the revenue of anything.

763. Syndicate Everything
Allow people to syndicate everything and anything through small crowd-funding events.

764. Artisanal Anything
Create artisan versions of anything quickly, generating huge amounts of revenue in return.

765. Hotels for Aficionados
Hotels designed specifically for people who’re looking for certain themes or products.

766. DNA Identity
Find out the best way to look after yourself, your family and your animals as quickly as possible.

767. Tattoo be Gone
Waterproof, hyper real skin foundation for arms, faces and other parts of your body to hide tattoos.

768. Exposed
Generating cash from exposing the horrors of this world and being rewarded by those who do so.

769. Stylist Consensus
Quickly get opinions on style and feedback from a consensus of people on social media.

770. I am Art
Photoshoots designed to turn your body into art, making you beautiful, wonderful and incredible for your wall (that makes you feel good).

771. Hurt Locker
Place to place your hurt feeling when you’ve had enough of holding on to them.

772. Be Smiley
App which will do everything it can to make you smile, once you do, we’ll donate some money to charity.

773. The Alternatives
Business which finds incredible alternatives for existing products and businesses which are expensive or difficult to deal with.

774. Remote OS
Operating system for remote teams and employees to allow them to work and function in the best way possible.

775. Hidden Events
Join hidden, exclusive and incredibly invite only events.

776. Investment Opportunities
A curated group/list of investment opportunities and syndicate opportunities—think Angel List but for anything.

777. Wishy Wash
Quick and simple clothes washing in the way you want, essentially a marketplace for cleaning.

778. House Rabbit
Like task-rabbit but for homely chores that will support and sustain a happy simple life for you.

779. Meeting Notes
Get your meeting notes texted directly to your phone before important meetings/get them emailed to you.

780. The Light
NIght light specifically to help you sleep and dream in certain ways that support your vision + goals.

781. Morning Routine Crafter
Routines crafted to specifically help you own the morning and make the most of your day.

782. Nutrition Optimiser
Based on your goals and DNA results, get a tailored diet for your fitness needs.

783. Mental Parity
An assessment designed to let you know how much of your full cognitive capacity you’re currently utilising.

784. Accessible Memory Training
Simple memory and learning training taught to the world in a way which is both efficient and useful.

785. Sexual DNA Test
DNA test to help you define what your partner and yourself are both more likely to enjoy.

786. Expression
App that teaches you to express thoughts and feeling without coming across as horrifically condescending (in anyway).

787. The Report
Create a weekly/monthly internal newsletter for your team simply, using a web interface.

788. Fat Lost
App which teaches you to have a more healthy relationship with the fat on your body, as well as removing it.

789. The Honest Mirror
Mirror which is designed to give you the most optimal and accurate picture of yourself.

790. Internal Pitch
App to help you manage and structure pitches to your management team and win internal proposals.

791. Self-Improvement Track
Follow a track to learn and grow based on the steps other have taken to get from where they are now to where they need to be.

792. Rise and Rise
App which helps you wake up in the morning and then from there, helps you to live a happy bubbly life.

793. Hydration by Design
Food designed to act as heavily hydrating, for those times you can’t carry liquids or consume.

794. Praise for Recycling App
App which praises you for recycling your products and gives you small incentives for doing so.

795. Outsource Email
Tool which allows you to outsource your email to a consensus of people who are rewarded for doing so.

796. Biodegradable Packaging for Food
Packages which once turned inside out (or similar) will degrade organically within the environment.

797. Artisan Sparkling Water
Sparkling water with different levels of importance, priority and sparkles (dream for me this).

798. Easy Fire
Tool that allows you to fire people by offering them a small severance sum instead of doing the work yourself.

799. EMF Clothes
Clothes designed to protect you against the hazardous and dangerous EMF waves.

800. Family Crest
Tool which allows you to design and build your own family crest/archetype similar to the Middle Ages.

801. Macro Meals
Deliveroo business which delivers meals to your door based on your missing macros.

802. Daily Survival Kit
Everything you need to survive and thrive for that day, delivered to your door.

803. Fit Water (But Better)
Water which focuses on hydration incorporating all of the good stuff you need on a daily basis.

804. Carpal Tunnel Preventer
Watch app which tracks wrist position and advises how to avoid carpel tunnel.

805. Protect Time
Coaching app designed to help you protect your time on a daily basis.

806. Where’s my Dog?
Tracker which let’s you know where your dog by checking app or pinging the phone.

807. Built in Chipolo
App which allows you to find devices by using devices built in to technology with blockchain technology.

808. EMF Bag
Bag to protect you from all EMF and danger etc.

809. Ideal Day
Tool to help you plan and create your ideal day using appropriate journaling techniques.

810. Fund My Business
Essentially a platform for HNWI to fund business ideas from invite only entrepreneurs.

811. Online Fashion Stylist Based on Trends
Style people and select clothes for them based on the fashion trend they’re interested in emulating.

812. All Climate Garden Furniture
Garden furniture which is capable of overcoming all seasons for pure comfort and stability.

813. The New Tailor
Get tailored clothes to your door based on your fashion trends and specific needs.

814. Hunger Water
Sparkling water that contains apple cider vinegar and pink Himalayan salt for hydration.

815. Wakeup to New
Everyday you wake up, get lists of new songs, new photos and other new relevant informations straight to your phone.

816. Semi-Automatic Todos
Todos that are AI created based on goals focus and your larger end goals/end games.

817. Alkali Clothes
Clothes which support a more alkali PH balance vs an acidic PH balance.

818. First Aid Food
Meals designed to support and remove certain ailments/combat longterm effects/pains etc.

819. Diet De-Constructor
Product which deconstructs the nutritional value of everything you’ve eaten over a week with feedback on how to improve/what’s missing.

820. Inspiration Aggregator
Think the Skimm, but with a core focus on inspiration for creative types.

821. Mindful Habits App
Rather than sit meditating every day, instead build mindful habits with a meaningful app.

822. Happy Button
Press a button and receive a happy quote or message to brighten up your day, press another button to send this to people who are sad.

823. Auto Record Apple Watch
App which auto records on your Apple Watch given a nominal button input.

824. Minimal Giveaway
App which allows you to give quality items away for free and generate karma for doing so.

825. My Items
List of all items you own, along with their functions—show duplicates and allow people to interact/remove them.

826. Handsome Cutlery
Beautiful cutlery designed to feel good, look good and be wonderful to interact with.

827. Knowledge Base
Take calls and answer questions via video to generate karma, use that karma to become an authority figure.

828. Replace This
Take a picture of an item you like that’s broken and get recommendations on how to best fix it.

829. Overload Workout App
App which encourages you to push yourself further each time you work out using simple algorithms/machine learning.

830. Sketching Guide App
App to improve your drawing through progressive overload and additional challenges—anonymously sent to the system and rated.

831. Calowries App
App which allows you to eat the prefect amount of calories based on nutritional information and dietary limitations.

832. Open Sauce
Crowdfunding donated to projects to enable said project to become open source and distributed to the world.

833. PDF Open Source
Pay a finite amount to open source a book or PDF forever (good for researchers or those looking to distribute information to the public).

834. Image Reminders
Create reminders on your iPhone which use either images or videos to distribute information.

835. Office Hours
Todolist style productivity app that allows you to setup and manage office hours (ask questions in advance, schedule meetings, get notes before the call etc).

836. Anti-Habit
App to help you remove habits which no longer serve you, managing this in a fun, gamified way.

837. When Life Gives you Insults
App that allows you to blow off steam by typing insults or angry messages and then having them read back to you.

838. Apple Watch Temper Timer
App which allows you to create a temper time to countdown from 10 when stressful times are afoot.

839. Homie On Steroids
Rather than piss around with Movebubble and Homie, use Homie on steroids to get the place of your dreams.

840. Spare Room Rent
Think Airbnb, but focused on temporarily renting spare rooms in apartments for hyper-short periods of time.

841. Curated Inspiration List
Monthly subscription to get inspiration sent to your inbox based on your interests, saving you all the time of research and hassle.

842. Remove Negative Feelings
App which allows you to write down your negative feelings and revisit them later on, commenting on how you feel now compared to before.

843. Reset App
Whenever you feel life or habits are getting you down, tackle them with a quick reset.

844. Lean Protocols
Small, hyper-lean processes which will allow you to improve in anything, curated by others.

845. Mentors
An app similar to Patreon but entirely focused on mentors and mentorship.

846. Baseline
App to help you see, understand and define your baseline + know what to do to fix/update it.

847. Principles App
App that allows you to create custom principles and see them everywhere/on any device.

848. Goals App
Goals for this day, week, month or year, stored in an app and pushed towards you continuously (for enhanced focus).

849. Phone Call CRM
App that allows you to store notes from/on phone calls by prompting you to do so after the call ends.

850. Secure Password Generator
Only stored locally on your phone, totally unrecoverable, for the security conscious in us.

851. Simple Inspiration
Curated images and inspiration sent to your phone once per day to consume in the morning and hit your goals.

852. Grading Cards
App that encourages you to grade your performance on key tasks based on effort and how YOU feel you’ve done.

853. The Movements
Series of movements to be done every morning which improve your strength and flexibility.

854. Honest Reminders
Reminders tailored around habits, routines and everything that matters most to you.

855. Tiny Wins
Little app that allows you to note down your wins for the day, recalling these each week.

856. Swipe Recipes
Tinder for recipes to make it easier to find something delicious to cook and make.

857. Swipe Charities
Charitable pitches, when you swipe across, money is donated to these charities.

858. The Business Builder
Small service which builds and brands you in a world class way, allowing you to get off to a flying start.

859. True Calling
App that allows you to make the most out of your time each day, by analysing how certain activities made you feel.

860. Mood Radio
App which plays music to you based purely on which emoji you click (represented by mood).

861. Brokechain
App which demystifies blockchain and the current fake news/flaws we’re all stuck within.

862. ICO Review
App which reviews all ICOs in depth with a rating on what you should or should not invest in.

863. Weight Loss App for Pets
Keep your pets lean by monitoring their activity with either a little tracker or an app.

864. HouseRef
Certificate of referencing prior to moving home which allows you to go to estate agents fully referenced and ready to go.

865. RFPartnerships
Requests for partnerships sent out by businesses in order to get the skills they need for high value partnerships.

866. TheDueDilligence
App which puts together all necessary DD on a person based on their history/details provided allowing them to take that to investors.

867. Cooling Water
Water that’s specially designed to reduce body temperature when drunk (no idea how this’d work but it’d be a summer hit).

868. Tea for…
Special teas designed as tools to support and remove either pains, moods or other necessary focus points.

869. Protein Enriched Vegetables
Vegetable enriched with protein to ensure everyone is reaching their macros, even vegans.

870. The Switch
App which helps you make switches and transitions between various lifestyle products/ideals based on your needs and focus.

871. Adherence
App which gives you motivational support or notifications to help you track and maintain adherence.

872. It’s Time to…
Think reminders with a focus on habitualising routines and ensuring we’re all moving forwards in directions we care for.

873. !!Meaning and Purpose (great for Emperialism and for selling data)
App which gets you to question and continue questioning what it is and why you want to do something.

874. Party Tricks
Quick simple tricks that’ll get people’s attention and make you look incredible in the process.

875. Super Memory
App which teaches simple memory techniques for hyper quick-focused wins around studying or personal development.

876. !!1% (great for Emperialism)
App which encourages you to take single steps towards goals or self-improvement on a daily-basis.

877. Haunting Feelings
App which encourages you to note down and discuss haunting feelings in a way which should help you overcome them.

878. True Cause
Mindmap style software designed to help you get under the skin of problems or thoughts in a truly meaningful way.

879. !!The 5
App designed for you and your 5 closest friends to share ideas, keep in touch and organise/track events.

880. The Story
App designed to help you refine and tell the story of your life to others in an engaging way.

881. Image Editor for Clothing
Editor for PNG images to help people create their own brand of clothes.

882. Fashion/Clothing Maker
Brand and fashion builder for those looking to create their own fashion company.

883. Documentary Anything
A tool which allows you to create a distribute your own documentary through your smartphone.

884. Hunger Button
Every time you’re hungry, press a button and have the hunger button give you suggestions on how to relieve this.

885. Never Sent Letters
Letter therapy allowing you to write and save letters to people which you want to send, but never will.

886. Celebration Communities
Join communities which celebrate the things you love in a timely fashion (e.g. football games, reality shows etc.).

887. The Ether
Send messages into the ether for others to reply to, get points for decent replies, use those points to custom an avatar.

888. Voting Platform for Clothes
App which allows you to send OOD to your friends or potentials clothes you want to buy for feedback.

889. Contact Case
iPhone cases (like business cards in hidden QR codes) which allow others to scan and share your contact data.

890. All the World
App which encourages you to take picture of the world around you, GPS tag them and share them with others.

891. Relax and Win
App which incentives your periods of relaxation in a way that allows you to continue using them well.

892. !!Routine Winner (Could be good for AppCo)
App which allows you to create winning morning and evening routines, sharing them with others/friends.

893. Incentivise Unlock
App which focuses on incentivising you to use your phone less and to live a more present life.

894. The Loss
Gamified and incentivised app to help you reach your weight loss goals.

895. The Sprint
App which allows you to create a sprint around achieving a certain goal or a number of goals (imagine walking towards a castle etc.).

896. Connecting the Mind Dots
CBT style app which a focus on understanding your thoughts and using them to come to cohesive outcomes.

897. CV App
App which like Reed allows creative employers to sift through the CVs/folios of creative genius.

898. Message a Stylist
Get in touch with stylists and rate their ability to put together outfits/give advice, allowing them to move up the fashion ladder.

899. Our Hero
App which allows communities to vote for heroes in the local area who get recognised for being great people in general.

900. Productive Stimuli
App designed to encourage you to become more productive when you’re feeling low on productivity or motivation.

901. Hapn for Professionals
Swipe your network to meet new professionals you’ve spent time with or in your vicinity.

902. Focused Fitness
App which allows you to pick one fitness focus and 3 exercises around that, doing no more than that.

903. !!Your Single Focus
App which allows you to create a single focus for the day, which you’re able to use as a primer for positive action.

904. !!Daily Achievement
App which asks you to write about a single daily achievement (finite character limit) that’s recited to you monthly/yearly.

905. !!Productive Meditation
App which takes you through the process of productive meditations to get under the skin of tasks (questions, following questions etc.).

906. !!Provoke
App which provokes your thinking through questions focused around philosophy and a deeper meaning around life (respond with answers).

907. Limit Break
App to help you track your limits and push past them quickly and easily.

908. Show me Cats
App that literally shows you cats, for no other reason than to show you cats.

909. Refeed Day
App to help you control and make the most of your reseed day.

910. In the Life of..
App which allows you to view life through the lense of others (think GoPro style filming on an iPhone for events or similar).

911. Fatigue Finder
App which allows you to use introspection to figure out what’s causing you fatigue in your life.

912. Movement Journal
App focused on helping you become a live a more fluid lifestyle through the use of interoception.

913. INI (I Need Investment)
App for entrepreneurs to pitch to investment in a kickstarter like fashion for a closed network of Vcs.

914. Reload and Deload
App designed to help you recharge (or create a schedule of recharging at the end of the day) along with necessary deload weeks.

915. Fight Fear
App which encourages you to list things that scare you, tick them off and document the process of doing so (for personal growth).

916. Growth Mindset App
Questions and thought patterns designed around the premise of creating a growth mindset for all those involved.

917. Mentor Match
App which matches mentors to allow and improve the ability of individuals to become undisputed masters of subjects.

918. Thought Journals (Could be Useful for EMP)
App which allows you to follow the thought journals of others and share these accordingly (insight deeper, more meaningful thinking).

919. Pro Con
App which allows you to way up the opportunity cost of opportunities by using your own thoughts and the thoughts of others (gamified).

920. Minimalism Instagram
Basically an app designed for the minimalist community to grow, share and take part in hyper-niche activities/challenges.

921. Diet Scan
App which quickly tells you if the food you’re scanning has allergens or intolerances against what you’re doing.

922. Reward Based Curve Card
Consolidate all your cards and gain rewards/points for doing so which can be redeemed accordingly.

923. A Rip in Time
App which allows you to see illustrations and key information about certain time periods in a highly digestible way.

924. AR Mindmapping
Create mind maps using AR that are infinitely expandable against a never ending canvas.

925. Grants and Funds
Calendering and organising to support raising funds and getting your startup in the right place at the right time.

926. VR Art Gallery
Put all art galleries in the world into VR so that artists are able to be inspired from anywhere.

927. Grammarly but for Selling
Essentially, a similar tool to Grammarly but with a focus on implementing and improving your current copy’s ability to sell.

928. Hard Conversations
App which helps you have the hard conversations which will make the biggest impact in your life.

929. Vegains
App to help vegans become fit worrying about the necessary ingredients and multi-vitamins etc. they need to survive.

930. Bro Bro Bo
App which allows you to keep in contact with your bros, think FB or WA groups but designed for these types of lads.

931. AppCity
App which automatically downloads new apps for you to use/test based on preferences set by you.

932. Secure Suite
App designed to help you live a life of security through the storage of data and much more.

933. Why Why Why
App designed to purposefully discover meaning within the unknown.

934. You Fold First
A dare based challenge game which aims to get the other person to fold first through the escalation of challenges.

935. Channel
App to help you channel negative emotion into productive, meaningful actions you’re able to take.

936. The Better Type Method
App designed to teach you how to type quickly and efficiently using mobile keyboards.

937. Optimise This
App to help you optimise the big, important things within your life which yield great dividends.

938. Address Box
Amazon style lockers which you’re able to use as your address for post or similar.

939. Homeless Bank Accounts
Bank accounts for homeless people, allowing them to take steps towards not being homeless.

940. Uber for Bar Jobs
Everyone needs bar staff and people need flexible work, using this app kills two birds with one stone.

941. !!!!Eatmoji
App which creates self awareness around eating, think a picture and emoji before eating, then an emoji after eating focused on reflection.

942. Release
App which allows you to release your stress or temporary anger through a series of relaxing images/button presses.

943. Micro Expressions
Learn how to read someone else’s feeling/reaction by understanding and identifying how micro-expressions work.

944. Apps for Books
Company which specifically targets apps in books and contacts the authors to have them made in a low-cost way.

945. App That
Create your own app (similar to Webflow) in a way that’s equal parts simple and easy to learn/manage.

946. Tick Tick Tick
Timers and reminders that work by focusing on a tick system of budgeting time against specific tasks or outcomes.

947. Running Late
App which allows you to ping messages to those in your contacts letting them know you’re running late along with your location.

948. Reward for Reason
App which allows you to connect to critical thinking communities, discussing with them your reason for taking an action and being rewarded for doing so.

949. Explain it to You
App which challenges you to write out your thoughts and rationale to yourself, allowing you to reflect on it against specific logical fallacies.

950. The Best Savings App
App which works as a charge card, DD so much money to yourself per day and watch it be used in a meaningful way with granular focus on spending and expenses.

951. Morning Battery
Routines designed to kick off your start to the day, hand pick from simple routines and checklists to 10x your life.

952. Get Woke
App that aims to wake up future entrepreneurs through inspiring them to live their dreams and getting them to wake up.

953. 1-Tap Invoices
App which allows you to quickly send invoices in clients without any issue or hassle, basically invoicing for millennial.

954. Tap-Tap Accounting
Simple accounting for small businesses with arguably little to no friction, send contracts, get paid etc.

955. We’re Water
App to change the way we use, drink and interact with water to create a sustainable, meaningful system with water.

956. Nearest and Best Coffee
Find the nearest and best coffee based entirely on your a subjective topic of interest (cost, flavour, size, caffeine etc.).

957. !!Co-Working Marketplace
Think Airbnb, but for co-working and working within the offices of others…an exciting idea/concept.

958. Bowl Movement
By no means a glamorous app, but a simple app which will allow you to track your movement, frequency, consistency and strength.

959. Formality
App to help you understand formal conventions across cultures to ensure you don’t make an obvious business faux pas.

960. !!MISTAKE
App to document the mistake you’ve made and how to learn from them, highlight key errors and the best way to never make them again.

961. The End is the Beginning
Set goals and reverse engineer the steps needed to get there, gain karma for taking steps forwards in the right way.

962. Mental Battery
Essentially an aggregator for burnout, could even take into account HRV to be more accurate.

963. Mental Health Support Group
App which allows people to discuss mental health issues and options to help their loved ones in danger.

964. Gate Creeper
App which allows you to interact with the gatekeepers of successful entrepreneurs.

965. Sales Notes
Like salesforce, but only designed around notes to improve your selling after a call.

966. Understanding
App to help those with mental health issues gain understanding of their condition and how to move forwards.

967. Schema
App which allows you to see typical schema in the world, not only to understand it, but to break it.

968. Keep in Touch
Innovative ways to keep in touch with the people you care about, share these methods with others.

969. Dream Fund
Crowdfunding for dreams based off the insightful pitches of others.

970. Rebirth Fund
App which encourages failed kickstarter or indiegogo campaigns for a second attempt at success.

971. Self-Honesty
App which asks you honest questions about yourself, looking for real honest answers (never leaves your device).

972. Back on Track
App to help you get back on track towards your goals/challenges no matter what they are.

973. Tattoo Designer
App which allows you to hire tattoo designers to design you a tattoo.

974. Vent
App which allows you to vent your frustrations after a long hard day.

975. Shout at the Void
App which allows you to scream, shout and say what needs to be said, the message is then deleted and destroyed allowing you to be free.

976. New Friends
Simple app which allows you to make new friends in a 10m radius by selecting criteria, pressing a button and seeing being added to conversation with people.

977. Lean On
App which allows you to lean on others when times are hard or when you need support.

978. Cry for Help App
App which allows you to send a cry for help to the people you love vs. Posting on facebook or hurting yourself for attention.

979. Ideas Journal
App to encourage you to keep a journal of useful ideas, creating a marketplace around those ideas.

980. Mentor or Mentor?
Essentially, a skill-sharing market place for people to looking to learn from each other.

981. The Next Gen
App which allows entrepreneurs access to mentors, screening process on both sides, goal is to find your prodigy/mentor etc.

982. Conference Pal
App to help you learn how to give your perfect conference talk without any issue/drama.

983. Tell a Story
App to help you create and tell an effective story that sticks and make what you’re saying memorable.

984. Overcome Hardship
App which allows you to overcome the stubborn thoughts of other through logical, rationalised thought.

985. Mental Resilience App
Similar to headspace, conduct a small, nominal task every day and develop additional mental resilience through doing so.

986. Conferences are Calling
App to help you speak at conference by standardising the application process and making life exponentially simpler.

987. Matter is Matter
Understanding how your thoughts work and why it’s okay to feel what you’re feeling.

988. TIIPI for Everyone
App which allows people to utilise TIIPI to feel and remove previous emotions rather than burying them and allowing them to surface.

989. Romance Square
Like tripadvisor or foursquare but specifically for scenic/romantic places to take your loved ones.

990. An Entire Lifetime
App which frames actions against entire lifetimes and asks yourself whether or not you’d like to live the rest of your life as X.

991. It’s The Truth
App which without confirmation bias, takes a no bullshit approach to what is or isn’t the right answer to thing.

992. Progress OS
An operating system to track your goals, achievements and how you choose to interact with the world on a daily basis.

993. Success Journal
Journal which primes and focuses on growth, weekly checkpoints and quarterly reviews.

994. My Coach
App which acts as your own personal life coach, helping you set goals, check and manage them (your sidekick for success).

995. Daily Priming
App similar to headspace, but one which focuses on priming/amping you up vs. cooling you down.

996. Real Food
App which allows you to take pictures of food and get quantifiable feedback on how ‘real it is’ (barcodes are a good place to start).

997. Testosterone Booster
App which supports the healthy improvement of testosterone through following specific rules and lifestyle habits.

998. My Routines
App to help you craft and manage your morning + evening routines.

999. My Sick Journal
App which allows you to craft and manage your journal along with your morning and evening routines.

1000. Confidence
App which helps you develop confidence through small exercises and activities (similar to a brain training application).

1001. Undo List
Todo list with a hyper specific focus on what does and doesn’t matter, nothing else, allowing you to note down blockers/things to watch out for.

Apps for Gynaecologists

1002. Docz for Gynos
A place where real advice is given by the world’s best gynaecologists (in a similar fashion to Docz).

1003. Mend for Gyno Diseases
Imagine an app which helps you through common diseases, pains or discomforts.

1004. Gyno Phone Forums
Forums for women’s health, moderated by doctors giving world class advice based on what’s been recommended.

1005. Gyno Headspace
Daily snippets of health support and advice to get the most out of your health as a women.

1006. Track and Improve Gyno
App which allows you to track key metrics around specific diseases (qualitative and quantitive) to help you improve + feel better.

1007. Exercises for Gyno Diseases
Think Yoga, but designed for specific diseases and to support the improvement of these diseases.

1008. Gyno Journal
App which allows you to journal your issues pains and worries, ensuring you’re moving forwards in a way which works.

1009. Gyno Patient App
App which allows gynos to support their patients through one-to-one feedback and tracking based on their personal profiles.

1010. Elite Gyno Marketplace
App which connects world class gynos with patients who need treatment and support.

1011. Gyno Quartz
News app specifically related to news based around specific conditions or issues.

Fallout Style Pipboy Apps

1012. Gamified Sleep App
App which allows you to see the debuffs from not getting enough sleep/from sleeping too much in pip boy style, illustrations will show debuffs in pip boy style, pip boy will be in pyjamas, will be able to toggle the screen to show, add and remove debuts. Over time, AI will analyse debuffs in journal like fashion at the end of the day before next sleep session and give you a qualitative score of how sleep usually affects you. Onboarding will also support this and ask how much you sleep, give recommended times and then go from there. Main tabs will be home (where you set alarms), pip boy screen (where you see stats), analytics (where you see trends), profile (where you see settings etc. could be pip boy screen).

1013. Gamified Fitness App
Again, pip boy style app which allows you to see what your workouts are doing to your body (use gym strength for this).

1014. Gamified Todo App
Pipiboy style todo app which is basically a Todoist clone, but focused on getting things done through gorgeous images etc.

1015. Gamified Learning/Performance App
Similar to the fitness app, enter skills and track progress over time with a journal, watch as your pip boy becomes smarter.

1016. Gamified Meditation App
Pipboy style meditation app, making meditation fun, simple and easy to do with achievements and rewards as you go along.

1017. Wallpaper AR
Simple AR app to allow you to choose better wallpaper for your walls.

1018. Rat Race
App which compares how you’re doing with how everyone else is doing on the platform.

1019. Testosterone Cosmetics
Cosmetics specifically designed to prevent the reduction of testosterone and to improve it as best possible (naturally).

1020. Pre-packaged Funeral Services
For the lazy, but death conscious entrepreneur.

1021. Soft Skills Games
Brain training games focusing on soft skills and the development of soft skills.

1022. Fuel to the Fire
App which allows you to add things to the fire which fuel you.

1023. Blood Test Analyser
Add in results and get an analysis of your blood test based on facts, figures and academic references.

1024. The New World
App which allows you to interact with emerging technologies as beta testers for the new world.

1025. Books for Bucks
Sell your old books fast with an app that’ll immediately act as market marker for them.

1026. This Was You
App which goes through your old social feeds and aggregates who you were compared to who you are now.

(Loneliness Fixes, Low-Involvement, High-Reward)
1027. Community Builder
Swipe people to build communities around subjects of interest, as communities grow, multiple swipes needed for approval.

1028. Lunch, Dinner, Winner
App which allows you to meet people in a local area, by broadcasting your ‘approximate’ location and mentioning you’re open to chat.

1029. MessagePal
Allow you to message and interact with people in a similar way to WhatsApp, but ‘open’ instead.

1030. Curated Events
Meetups and events specifically for your interest, sent directly to you on a daily-basis.

1031. Your Mixer
App which allows you to organise, schedule and broadcast real-life events in local areas to meet more people.

1032. Treasure Hunt
App which allows you to meet people by hunting treasure, the real treasure, is finding the new person.

1033. Mental Health OS
App which acts as the OS for your mental health, like gyroscope but focused on your brain.

1034. Coffee Shop
App which allows people to meet people sat in coffee shops by turning on a signal to do so (like, please talk to me :D).

1035. Your Conversation
App which pairs people to have conversations based on mutual interest or other set criteria.

1036. Real-time Reddit
App which pairs users with genuine, honest questions and answers in real-time, without the delay, hassle and toxicity (you have to be real to enter).

1037. !!!Setapp for iOS
Is there a way to create the equivalent of this, but for iOS specifically?

1038. Delivery for Nominal Items
In cities, office workers would benefit from the delivery of nominal inexpensive items such as Diet Coke.

1039. !!Clothing as a Primer
We dress you for success against your budget, it’s as simple as that, you get sent clothes, you wear them and you trust our science.

1040. !!!Open Source Assets
Kickstarter like system that allows you to pay authors etc. to open source assets to the public to improve the general consensus of knowledge.

1041. !!!Superlearning for Kids
Simple app designed to make your child exponentially smarter through games and simple exercises.

1042. !!!Blinkist for Blogposts?
Aggregate blogposts, white papers, journals and other academic sources into digestible bites you’re all able to use.

1043. Gym for Goals
Gym where you’re not allowed to enter until you’ve been trained against your goals.

1044. Superlearning for Schools/After School Clubs
Exactly what it says on the tin, is there a way to pioneer this worldwide?

1045. Grammarly for Persuasion
Analyse what people are saying, create a compelling response to ensure you’re selling to the best possible ability/giving a real awesome response.

1046. Dial in to Meetups
Is there a way to partner with meet-ups to allow them to publish their content live? Think facebook live, but for a single device etc.

1047. Request to Speak/Pitch/Teach
Is there a way to create a platform to allow users to poll/vote/kickstart people to come speak and interact with their community/location?

1048. Hiring from Meetups
Tech which allows people to find jobs through meet-ups or for meet-ups and those involved to hire in some way (monetising these existing communities).

1049. Platform for Recruiting Freelancers Based on Goals
Platform which allows business to recruit freelancers based on high-achieving goals or otherwise.

1050. Wifi on Transport
Inexpensive wifi infrastructures for public transports and otherwise.

1051. Wifi in Uber
Partnership to allow all Ubers to have wifi without needing to change or edit their model hugely.

1052. Hunger Suppressant Toothpaste
Toothpaste which reduces global hunger over the course of the day, simply because of the chemicals in toothpaste.

1053. Market Makers Around Stakes/Fitness
Is there a way to create markets around people aiming to reach goals and achieve real life challenges e.g. bet on someone to lose or not to lose 10kg in a year etc.

1054. Network for Investors to Invest in Young Talent
Think Angel List, but for hungry young entrepreneurs who would never be discovered otherwise.

1055. Picture App for Aesthetic
App which analysis the structure of your face and gives you feedback to be more aesthetically pleasing.

1056. Storyboard App for iPad
Simple app to help your storyboard your products and anything in between.

1057. Wireframing Tool for iPhone
Allow people to create quick wireframes and mockups in seconds.

1058. Productised Lead Generation (Leverage Cheap VAs)
Tool which generates leads for your business at a fixed fee per month—leads are distributed to you and you do what you need to with those leads.

1059. Productised Agency Growth (Leverage Cheap VAs)
Toolkit which supports how to grow your agency and be the best version of yourself possible in the smallest amount of time.

1060. Mental Wealth App
App to help you create an ecosystem/OS for people to increase their mental ‘wealth’—coin the concept and grow.

1061. Offline Mode Cache
App which allows you to cache and store the last 100 websites you’ve viewed to revisit them offline in times off need (same with documents etc.).

1062. Healing Massages
Massages designed to promote healing within the body for long-term purposes.

1063. Healing Checklists
App which helps you make decisions to live an awesome, meaningful life.

1064. Life Cycle
Sleep cycle, but one that incorporates diet, exercise and everything else needed to survive correctly.

1065. Health Co-op
Stay healthy by establishing a Groupon style health co-op which allows you to pool wealth and buy good things.

1066. Sim You (Essentially a Realistic Try B4 u Buy)
App which allows you to dress yourself in real clothes, with real styles and real features as if you were a sim.

1067. Brain Repairing
Think brain training, but brain training designed similar to the principles of Daniel Amen, to regrow and help your brain.

1068. GetScanned (Medichecks for Scanning)
UK service to allow you to book scans for various procedures, under fixed prices at fixed locations.

1069. BroTests
Testing service designed for bro-lifters on gear to ensure they’re in optimal health + keeping fit.

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