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“2019, a new year, a new you,” Many of my friends have made new year’s resolutions to get fit. They signed up for new gym memberships and bought new workout outfits and equipment. The idea sounds great, but we all know the ambition might not last longer than this winter. Soon they would find it too cold to run outside, be too busy to go to the gym and too tired to exercise. When spring comes, it will be “new year, same you.”

You can trick your body into wanting to do it and even enjoy doing it.

How? The first rule is you do not talk about it out loud. You need to tell your body it is not a workout, it is just a daily routine. If working out is your daily routine, it should be something that you enjoy doing every day. Don’t choose any exercise that makes you feel miserable. If you are not a morning person, don’t get up early to do a morning run. The reason is simple. If you enjoy the exercise you are doing, your brain will generate positive thoughts, and you will be happy to do it again.

I have been trying to do abdominal workouts for years, but I am always too busy or lazy to do it on a regular basis. To turn it into a daily routine, I put a yoga mat next to my bed before going to sleep. Then, the first thing I do the next morning is my abdominal exercise. I do it when my body is awake but my brain is still asleep, and when the workout finished, I am wide awake.

You can also invite the people around you to join in the daily routine. I do stair climbing with my colleagues. We are on 20th floor, and it is quite a challenge to do it alone every day. So we turn it into a social activity and gossip all the way up to 20th floor.

The second rule of working out is it is your workout, so take things at your own pace. When I first started doing abdominal workouts, I did it only for five minutes. I probably would have given it up if it lasted longer. But do the math; five minutes for five days is 25 minutes a week. It builds my strength and is easier to do over time. My point is, it doesn’t matter how slow or how long your workout is, the most important thing is to get moving at your own pace.

The last rule is simple. If this is your first new year’s workout resolution, you have to work out.

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