‘Appearances are often deceptive’.

This quote stands true to its meaning and value in terms of the smart fitness band available on . This small and simple looking watch is a power packed performer to the core. It is a fitness tracker cum caller cum message sender cum GPS (geo-positioning satellite system) tracker cum watch cum sedentary life manager. All-in-all, it is a lifestyle changer that you, me, everyone needs.

It is a boon for all adults, be it a young fitness freak, a matured person or an aged individual. The other day I met my friend who due to his diabetes and heart issues, had been advised to lead a healthier lifestyle. He now follows a strict regime which has helped him to get a hold of his health.

This Android and IOS fitness band is his best buddy in this endeavor of his. It not only helps him keep a check on his time, it also helps him to keep check on his workout and not overdo stuff. During, this workout his heart-rate and pulse are also monitored to keep a healthy physical balance. Apart from the workout time, this watch also warns an individual during hours of very low activity during the day time.

The person could then stretch up and take a small stroll. This feature is an innovative and necessary addition for the stressful life living individuals of today, who are mostly tightly bound to their laptop and smart-phones with deadline and other work pressures.

This smartwatch has a plastic body with an OLED watch that gives it the required longevity and a 180mAh battery that powers it to work as long as 30 hours diligently. It is waterproof and can be easily connected to a laptop or smart-phone using the easily available application on an android or IOS platform.

All its features can be well controlled and monitored using this application. The watch is even able to make calls, view and send messages and whatsapp as well as sync in music files, when on the move. It also informs you about the quality of sleep you had.

This smart-watch is an ideal gadget that helps to reduce radiation intake by your body as you do not require your smart-phone ( known to give out harmful radiations) anymore to perform basic functions. Moreover, the GPS tracker ensures you are always on the right path. In simple words, it is a lifestyle accessory that shall help you promote health, work for it and then safeguard it. You could now live a healthier lifestyle, to the fullest, in the fast lane as well ….

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