How to Actually Set Fitness Goals for New Years Resolutions

Believe it or not, one of the most challenging components of achieving a New Year’s Resolution is merely getting started. Manifesting the idea, a plan, and putting it into action is all it takes. Once you have determined what to do and how your journey has officially begun. Three hurdles doesn’t sound so tough, right? Especially when you’ve already been thinking about the changes you want to make.

Before jumping into implementing changes, it is crucial to first develop detailed goals, such as specific behaviors or habits that you want to adopt or transform. Use these tips to create a New Year’s resolution that will stick.

Readiness. Although seemingly obvious, many people determine their readiness based on their minds solely. Readiness is something that involves the entire body. Even if your mind is ready to shed 50lbs, is your body ready for such a substantial change? Talk to your doctor, do some research, and determine the best way to help your mind and body prepare for a new lifestyle.

Realistic. You’ve heard it before: you can’t succeed if you make goals that are unattainable. It is better to set smaller goals that are easily achievable and move on to another goal than to shoot for the stars on your first ‘go-round.

Prioritize. It is no secret that life is speeding up; the amount of things we all try to fit in a day is continually piling up. Don’t look at your resolutions as another thing on the list; view them as THE list. For example, you get home from work and see there is laundry piled up, dishes need washed, and you still haven’t gotten in your new workout. The first thing you should do, your number one priority at that moment should be to exercise. Laundry and dishes will always get done and need to be redone. Put yourself first. You won’t regret it.

Measurable. Regardless of your goal, frame it in a way that allows you to measure your progress. Devise a plan to keep track of your progression and treat yourself when you reach particular marks. Not only will the treats reward your hard work, but keeping track of progress also works as a source of motivation and accountability.

Take it easy. The worst thing you can do is become your own drill sergeant. Love yourself, love your journey, and remember that resolutions are a lifelong commitment. You have time, so leave the stress behind, take it easy and allow yourself to evolve.

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