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I am a lean person with respect to my physique. I have been taunted by people off and on because of this.Although I know it’s a genetic trait that I have inherited from my parents, but still I want to strive to improve my physical health . So I want to join a gym…….

There is a clear logic behind it .Who does not want to look nice with body mass index of around 24?Who does not want others to set him/her as an example to follow? Who does not want to have six-packs?Definitely,everybody does want………………….

In the past, a couple of reasons restrained me to have exercise,the number one being time management.I’m currently at medical school and to get through the tiring first 2 years of the school was a hard nut to crack but now I have realized that I have some time to accomplish my cordial desire.Secondly, people’s opinion also prevented me to do this but by now I have overcome my internal fears.

Now,let me tell you my experience regarding joining the gym.May I?So,I am enjoying it in the first place but folks it’s not an easy task. It is tiring too and demands a lot of food to eat. I also faced a few challenges in doing gym like to be ready in specific clothes on time and to walk for more than a kilometer to reach the gym .

At this point, I want to share that from the experience I gained in the past couple of days taught me that the world is always there to mock you.Only a few will support you.You don’t have to disappoint.Where there is a will,there is a way.Pave your path to success.And I want to increase my activities and trainings at gym in near future…………………………………………………..

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