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I met a woman in the gym who knew who I was through a mutual friend. She said she intended to buy a copy of my book. Since I happened to have one in my car I told her I would just give it to her. During the short walk outside she told me that she had overcome a serious illness and was now taking better care of herself through fitness. She said she had lost 110 pounds so far and was now trying to get rid of the last bit in a healthy way. She seemed quite inspired and humble, thankful that I was willing to talk to her.

She also mentioned that she spends a lot of time traveling as she’s caring for an ill family member, but that when she returned she wanted to train with me if possible. I told her it would be my pleasure to work with her.

I learned a long time ago that everyone has a story and that everyone is important. The people we see, whether each day or once in a lifetime, may affect us or be affected by us.

I have been reminded many times that the random moments of our lives may have an impact beyond our vision. That the reason we started doing something may not be as important as why we should continue forward.

I hope one day to hear from this courageous woman again. I hope that some of the inspiration I’ve been given passes on to her. And I hope that she understands that she has the power to do a lot more for others than anything she feels I’ve done for her. We all have the ability to reach distances far beyond our sight.

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