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In this article, I want to tell you how easy it is to make better choices when it comes to foods. A lot of people think that to get the nutrients, you have to be consulted by a dietitian, and you have to weight every piece of peas. I will tell you that it’s not so hard to make better choices when it comes to food. There is one main thing you have to understand about food. Food is essential to your well-being, I would say crucial. Of course, we have other factors that influence our life and here I mean the things we can’t change. But food it’s definitely a choice. So let’s say that what you eat you become. All my life I was a plus-size, and that doesn’t stop me from having a balanced food intake. So let’s begin!

1. Grocery list. Every time you are going to shop of course you have to make a quick note in your, or maybe you go traditional way with a usual grocery list. Try to stick with that list while you shopping. I know every time when you go shopping you see a lot of yummy things on sales. Try to avoid those products because they are in sales for a reason. And the sales reason might be that they expired already.

2. Market vs Supermarket. Here I have a strong opinion, especially of vegetables and fruits. Every time I can buy from a farmer I will do it without thinking. When you are buying directly from the farmer’s, you are sure that all veggies and fruits don’t have GMOs, colorants and chemicals. Believe it or not but those veggies are more nourishing.

3. Go green. Try to buy more veggies and fruits and less processed foods. Try to reduce your intake of sugary foods. Of course, the better way is to cook at home your cakes and muffins but if you don’t have time you can put in your in your cart some treats. And by treats, I mean a tiny pack not five packs.

4. Snack. It’s very essential for our health to snack every time when we fell hungry. Starving won’t make you slimmer or healthier. And please make a good choice when it comes to snacking. For example some mixed nuts or dark chocolate. You can google it, and you will find plenty of combos.

5. Meal Prep. The probability to eat less crappy foods it’s to prepare your meals in advance. In this order, you won’t grab an unhealthy take away. Meal prep it’s not complicated at all. You just need some determination and willingness. Don’t forget that it’s for your own good. I would recommend preparing foods for five days in advance. If you made more, you could quickly freeze the meals.

6. Be creative when it comes to food. You can try to make different combinations. You don’t really need a fancy app on your smartphone or latest recipe book. Just try different cooking methods. I would recommend replacing frying with baking. And try to seasoning those veggies. I am using olive oil, garlic and oregano for almost everything.

Just try to cook what fits you the most and improvise every time. Even when your fridge is almost empty. You can prepare so many meals only with three ingredients. And the last thing is don’t be a waster. Don’t throw your food. There is somebody who would be happy to eat a cooked meal. Happy cooking!

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