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Healing for Chronic Back Pain

My job as a healer is focused on getting people to become aware of the connection between their physical pain, their emotional pain, and their soul’s lesson.

Once you understand your soul’s lesson on a deeper level, you immediately heal the emotional and the physical pain. I help people achieve this by sending them the lesson in an energetic and verbal form.

What Causes Chronic Back Pain?

Chronic back pain can be caused by a lack of activity, sitting the whole day, or by chronic emotional stress.

The emotional stress is the most important factor in the manifestation of back pain. It is actually so important that because medicine has ignored it, chronic back pain is classified as an incurable disease.

Your intervertebral disc cannot rejuvenate as long as the muscles around it are tense. The disc is like a sponge — it needs fluids to nourish it.

When your disc is under constant pressure, even during your sleep, it starts getting dry and the cells inside it die.

This creates constant pressure on the intervertebral disc which will eventually degenerate. Eventually, only a disc replacement surgery would help.

How True is the Emotional Connection?

I am not being woo-woo when I say that your emotions can cause you to have chronic back pain and even disc degeneration.

Some doctors prescribe anti-depressants for chronic back pain, and it really works for most patients. It works to alleviate the pain, but it is definitely not a “healing”.

The healing happens when you deal with the root cause — Clear your emotions. I am just mentioning the antidepressant treatment to prove to you how realistic I am when I say that your back pain is mainly caused by your emotions.

Well, let me give you another example. From my experience, every time I heal someone’s emotions, they tell me that their back pain has gone. I might not be targeting their back pain in my healing. It is often a result of emotional release.

Healing Lessons for Your Back Pain

Where the pain manifest along your spine is an indication of what Chakra is blocked in your system.

The two upper Chakras are connected to issues with your brain and head. For example, brain tumor is about a blocked crown chakra while an eyesight problem is about a block in your third eye chakra.

Healing for Upper/Lower Neck Pain

Upper neck pain is connected to a lack of verbal expression. You are not talking enough or not saying what you really want to say.

Healing Lesson: “I learn to speak my truth. I express my opinion in full honesty and clarity. People listen to what I have to say.”

Lower neck pain is connected to fear and anxiety. It is the natural reaction that you have when faced with fear to tense the shoulders.

Healing Lesson: “I feel safe and protected by God. This life is taking care of me and protecting me. I trust life. I am safe.”

healing for Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain, behind the heart region, is always related to trust or relationship issues. If you have this kind of back pain, you must be feeling deceived in love or relationships.

If this is the case, your heart and lungs are not far from suffering.

Healing Lesson: “I allow myself to feel loved. I trust in love. I trust in life. I open my heart to love. I feel loved.”

Healing for Middle Back Pain

Middle back pain, in the lumbar region, is connected to dominance issues or suppressed anger.

All the digestive organs are in this area and their function is to deliver energy from food to the body. It is a competitive energy — like two lions competing for a meal.

When you suffer authority problems (let’s say your boss at work is too bossy) you are bound to suffer from digestive problems and middle back pain.

Healing Lesson: “I stop my anger by looking into my mistakes before I look into the mistakes of others. As I learn to improve myself, I attract gentler people into my life.”

Healing for Lower Back Pain & Sciatica

Lower back pain and sciatica are mainly connected to the stress of survival. It is the struggle to “stand on your own feet” in life that brings so much tension in this area. You feel that you need to be supported by crutches!

Healing Lesson: “I stand on my own feet. I feel connected to earth. I am supported by this Universe. I survive and thrive with grace and ease.”


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