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Let Go of Your Ego

Rediscover Yourself

Balance your physical self and restore a healthy mind-body connection within you. Take control of your emotions and maintain a positive perspective on life. Don’t become easily deceived and persuaded, while being disoriented by emotional tension. Become grounded and rediscover the beautiful entity that is you.

There are simple techniques that reorient emotional tensions by taking the energy from your thoughts and distributing them into your body; allowing you to be in the reality of a moment or situation. These techniques are known as grounding exercises.

Many people who are suffering from being un-grounded may not notice the warning signs they are experiencing. Learning to recognize the warning signs is as important as the grounding exercises themselves.

Warning Signs

  • Difficulty communicating
  • Lack of concentration
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Being clumsy
  • No sense of time
  • You’re forgetful
  • Being afraid
  • Over-thinking things

Unhealthy Behaviors and Habits

A great deal of emotional tension being felt these days stems from your own habits and thoughts. With a bit of self-reflection, you can identify unhealthy behavioral patterns that cause you to become ungrounded. Here are a few unhealthy behaviors to look out for.

  • Associating with negative people
  • Focusing on the past
  • Competing with everyone
  • Comparing your life to other people’s lives
  • Being rude
  • Being self-absorbed
  • Being materialistic
  • Creating unnecessary drama
  • Excessive alcohol and drug use
  • Too much TV
  • Long hours on the computer
  • Unhealthy diet
  • No connection with nature

The ability to recognize unhealthy behaviors within yourself is the first step to becoming more grounded. It’s never too late to reset your perspective, so you can live a full and happy life. You have all the answers within you; it’s time to unlock them.

Conscious Breathing

Despite all the distraction that surrounds us daily, it is important to make time each day to take notice of your breathing. While we depend on breathing to stay alive, we rarely make time to notice it. When you turn this unconscious behavior into a conscious behavior, you take control and become present in the moment’s reality.

Conscious breathing is a relaxing grounding exercise that can be done anywhere. It will help you find your center and align your thoughts. Once you practice conscious breathing, you will notice the calming effect it has on you.

Benefits of Conscious Breathing

  • Helps deliver oxygen to your blood
  • Expels stress hormones from within your muscles
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Brings you to your center of alignment both physically and mentally


Mindful meditation is being present in every moment. Through mindful meditation comes the understanding that we must accept the things we cannot change.

Benefits of Meditation

  • Higher self-awareness
  • Ability to manage stress
  • Emotional stability
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Better memory

Meditation with Breathing for Beginners

  1. Sit comfortably in a chair, on the floor or on the ground outside.
  2. Focus on your breath, paying attention to the part of your body that you feel as you inhale and exhale. This can be your chest, nose or abdomen.
  3. Try not to allow your mind to wander into thought.
  4. Should your mind wander into thought, try again to focus only on your breathing.

If your mind wanders during meditation and you return your attention back to your breathing, it’s not a bad thing; its mindfulness taking place within you. That is exactly what meditation is for.


Earthing entails connecting your bare skin with nature; grounding your internal energy with the energy of the Earth. It is extremely effective in treating emotional tension and many other health ailments. That’s because when our bare skin becomes exposed to the electrons on the Earth’s surface, free-radicals within our bodies become neutralized. When we connect with the Earth in this way, the electrons within ourselves and within the earth become equal; resulting in the elimination of excessive electrical build-up within us.

 Modern life has nearly eliminated our connection with the Earth’s electromagnetic field. Coincidentally, modern life is experiencing a disturbing increase in chronic illness. However, there are still simple ways to connect our energy with mother Earth. The most obvious way is walking barefoot on the grass or on a sandy beach. You can also touch a tree with your bare hands for a few minutes. There are even earthing products you can buy including earthing mats, earthing bed sheets, earthing wristbands, and earthing shoes.

Benefits of Earthing

  • Reduces stress
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces chronic pain
  • Increases immunity
  • Reduces inflammation

Take a Walk

Good, old-fashioned walking is the perfect exercise; it’s what our bodies are designed to do. Aside from reducing emotional tension, intentional walking has numerous health benefits including heart strengthening, boosting immunity, aiding your digestive system, enhancing cognitive functions, improving circulation and helping our bodies maintain proper bone density levels.

Relaxed, intentional walking is one of the most enjoyable grounding exercises on my list. It can also be an effective way to find your center during an emotional breakdown. But don’t reserve walking just for moments like those, make intentional, relaxed walking a part of your daily routine.

Look Up at the Night Sky

You don’t need a fancy telescope to practice star-gazing. On a clear night, looking up can be a very enlightening and therapeutic experience. Our universe is both volatile and harmonious, yet despite its volatile nature, the harmony of the cosmos keeps everything in perfect balance. It’s the most awesome reminder that even during the most stressful of times, balance and harmony can still be achieved. Societal life has a way of breaking us down. That’s when looking up is most effective.

Benefits of Star Gazing

  • Promotes a positive perspective
  • Creates a calming sensation
  • Connects you with our expansive, fantastical universe

Achieving Restful Sleep

In a world where sleep disorders are on the rise, achieving restful sleep can be easier said than done. Sleep disorders are often brought on by emotional tension. When your perspective and your emotions spin out of control, one of the first things that become affected is your ability to achieve a restful night’s sleep. As a result, your endocrine, digestive, circulatory, musculoskeletal and respiratory systems become negatively affected. When your physical health fails, your mental health fails, and a vicious cycle occurs. To avoid this unhealthy cycle, here are a few more grounding exercises you can do to rest peacefully and maintain a healthy psyche.

  • Exercise
  • Increase your sun exposure
  • yoga
  • Unplug your wireless router before bed
  • Turn off your cell phone before bed
  • Drink chamomile tea before bed
  • Invest in earthing sheets for your bed

Final Thoughts

When you are grounded, you are secure, you are strong and you are unafraid.

“You are not in the universe, you are the universe, an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself. What an amazing miracle.” — Eckhart Tolle

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