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We are what we repeatedly do. I’m re-inventing myself by improving in 15 areas at a time. This post is part of my Re Human project.

Daily Habits

Books: Today I finished Can’t Hurt Me. It’s very motivating. Then I started and finished a pretty short audiobook by Osho called Intuition. Then I started How to Measure Anything.

Challenge 10: Write after action reports of all your failures.

There’s the you at the end of your life, and he potential you at the end of your life. The goal is to be as close to the highest potential you at the end of your life.

Can divide consciousness ladder into three steps:

Lowest is Instinct

Middle is Intellect

Highest is Intuition

Meditation: 20 minutes in the morning.

Re Human Extended Activity: Tuesdays I’m a Music Producer.

Today I spent all my time in Syntorial. It’s pretty fun to learn about synthesizers through challenges/games. The basic format is they teach you a “lesson” of an element of a synthesizer through a video demonstration, then there’s a “hidden patch” that sounds in a certain way. The challenge is to tune your patch to sound exactly the same as the hidden patch. When you think you’re ready, you click submit, and Syntorial gives you feedback on what parameters were right or not.

Writing: This post, code, and a daily thought in the morning.

Digital Drawing & Painting:

Continued the Melody Gal Shir drawing:

This is how I want it to look:

Fitness: Today I was also able to do a couple of handstand push ups, a couple of times. Uploaded it to my @re.human instagram story. Also trained pull ups (started with “as many as I can”) and abs.

Piano: Practiced the La La Land song.

Soccer trick juggling: Today I was able to do 2 around the worlds in a row probably 20 times, but every time I was about to do 3, the ball fell. Still, definitely the time I’ve done the most 2 around the worlds in a row, and thus most around the worlds in a session.

Random Surprise

What makes a good question? A couple of thoughts, don’t remember where I got them from:

A good question question is not concerned with a correct answer.

A good question cannot be answered immediately.

A good question challenges existing answers.

A good question creates new territory of thinking.

A good question is one that generates many other good questions.

A good question may be the last job a machine will learn to do.

A good question is what humans are for.

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