4 Featured Speakers From AIMed

AIMed, the conference dedicated specifically to the impact of Artificial Intelligence on Healthcare in Dana Point California is over for this year. AIMed saw a ton of educated, thoughtful speakers over the course of the conference. Here are four of them for your consideration.

Dr. Timothy K Chou

Dr. Chou is both an active member of the private sector and an established member of academia. He has a long history with startups (including WebEx) as well as a history lecturing on Computer Science at Stanford University. He is also the author of Precision: Principles, Practices, and Solutions for the Internet of Things.

At AIMed, Dr. Chou spoke on a panel called “Future Aspects of AI in Medicine.” He says that very few of the machines in a hospital are connected, meaning there’s data trapped there that isn’t making it into EMRs. Next-generation machines, he says, need to be networked so that they can take advantage of this data. He also points out that policy changes with regard to digital networking will come, and healthcare either needs to embrace those policy changes, or they will happen without our input.

Spyro Mousses

Spyro Mousses is the founder of Systems Oncology. Systems Oncology is a biomedical company that “translates big data into breakthrough cancer therapies.” They do this through Artificial Intelligence that mimics the way the human brain works and thinks through cancer problems in a ‘human-like’ way.

At AIMed, Mousses spoke with oncologists and physicians about the breakthrough therapies that Systems Oncology was able to invent with the help of artificial intelligence. Mousses goes so far as to say that AI brings a whole new model to the pharmaceutical industry.

“In the past, we started with biology and it will take us many years to find a target and discover a molecule again… Databases allow us to better understand what factors will determine the good and bad outcomes; personalizing precision medicine.”
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Jesse E. Ehrenfield, MD, MPH

Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH, is the Joseph A. Johnson Jr. Distinguished Leadership Professor at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in the departments of anesthesiology, surgery, biomedical informatics, and health policy. So, it’s safe to say he’s familiar with the challenges physicians face. He also serves as director of the Vanderbilt Program for LGBTQ health, an under-served area of healthcare and one in need of more attention. Dr. Ehrenfeld divides his time among clinical practice, teaching and research. His research focuses on understanding how technology can improve patient outcomes, and has led to more than 175 peer-reviewed manuscripts. As a result, he’s co-authored fifteen clinical textbooks. He also advocates on behalf of LGBTQ people as chair of the Massachusetts Committee on LGBT Health. On top of all of this, Dr. Ehrenfeld is an Afghanistan veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and Resolute Support Mission.

Dr. Stefan Ulbrich

Stefan Ulbrich is the Principal Artificial Intelligence Research Scientist at Acceptto, a company which specializes in Cognitive Continuous Authentication, preventing identity fraud across a variety of networks. Prior to Acceptto, Dr. Ulbrich led research with the aim of developing brain-inspired technology for robots. Dr. Ulbrich received his Ph.D. in Machine Learning from one of the most prestigious research groups, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. At AIMed, he spoke about how networking hospital system with AI will present significant challenges to data management.

Dr. Stefan Ulbrich… pinpointed the challenges in a session addressing how to eliminate preventable harm on 14 December. Data in hospital are heterogeneous, fragmented, coming in high volume and vastly rigid within requirements and regulations. Adding to the challenges, traditional methods of accessing these data via the use of password, make them ever vulnerable to spoof or breach.
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