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Busy, busy, busy!!

Who’s NOT busy right now?

Whether it’s Christmas, Easter holidays, Summer or a random week in October.

It’s ALWAYS pretty hard to carve out any time for yourself.

As a mum who single handedly runs her own business, believe me, I hear ya!

So WHAT is my secret to staying in shape?

How am I getting stronger, fitter and happier every day?

I have to confess, when I qualified as a PT almost 8 years ago, I wasn’t in the best shape

(although better than I was previously)

I’d only recently given up smoking, just about beaten my 15 year eating disorder and newly established a healthier relationship with alcohol.

I began by participating in a 30 day challenge

(30 workouts — 30 days — 10 min each day).

My fitness began to sky rocket, body began to change, it was fresh, I was excited for my workouts, I could do it all from home and I still had plenty of time to build my new business — it just WORKED!!

This was a light bulb moment and exactly why I created The MAX Experience, to help busy women get results and change their lives without stepping foot in a gym!

Fast forward to today and I’m the strongest, healthiest, HAPPIEST and most successful I’ve ever been.

It’s been a major transformation and every aspect of this, I teach inside The MAX Experience.

If I can do it, you can do it!

Hit that Pre-Registration link and let’s kick off 2019 by making it a success.

Pre-Registration Link:

You’ll not only get a crazy 50% off but also secure yourself a stress free January.


Pre-Registration closes this Sunday 9th December @ 7pm

Or until SOLD OUT (pretty close).

If you want to secure yourself a place — hit that button before someone else does.

Lee ‘never felt better’ Donald x


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