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Now that you’ve grown up you realize that you have more work, here’s how to get it done.

  1. Start planning your week on Sunday
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Now that you have more work to do you have to be smart on how you tackle it. Almost everyone starts their work last minute but now that you’re in the real world work can’t be put off until then. First, you need to write down when you work and the time that you have free, after that you need to put down when you have enough time to get your work done. Remember that a calendar is your best friend as it can tell you immediately when there is an event you have during the week. This will allow you to free some brain power and only focus on planning.

2. Go shopping and prep meals for the weak

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Now you have to prepare your shopping and meals ahead of time. Shop before the big rush and get everything you need before you end up fighting some kid over some cheap pants. Go buy your meals ahead of time and start preparing meals, by doing this you instantly save tons of time for the week by not worrying or cooking. You can simply grab and eat.

3. Doing laundry before your whole room smells

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By getting laundry done early you have less work to do in the future along with a lot less dirty clothes to deal with.

4. Paying your bills on time/early

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During the weekend you can pull all your bills together and get them done in no time. By organizing all your bills you can get all this done in no time and avoid any late fees.

5. Hitting the Gym!

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A healthy body is a healthy mind. by keeping yourself fit you also make sure that your mind is sharp. This helps you keep your body in shape and active to get any work done. Remember, laziness is the enemy of productivity.

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