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I recently wrote about OnDoc, a new company founded in 2018. It offers a timely service in a rapidly growing sector of healthcare. It does so through a simple system that will help me or any subscriber create a residual income by sharing OnDoc with others. In other words, I can create a nice, potentially substantial ongoing income for some time to come by investing some effort now.

More traditional examples of residual income are:

  • Writers, Authors. Filmmakers, Songwriters via royalty income
  • Artists ~ reproductions
  • Real Estate (rental income)

One particularly attractive thing that I like about OnDoc is the social impact its growth can have through people helping people improve the quality of their lives.


First, let me recap for a moment, in case you‘re not familiar with my earlier article on the subject. OnDoc is not complicated. It offers unlimited access to licensed, board-certified doctors on a 24/7 basis, to address situations that might otherwise have resulted in a doctor’s visit, urgent care facility or emergency room.

The cost of this service is $25/ month for an individual or household. I have no idea if they will keep the policy that way, but that’s the way they have it now.

While OnDoc’s services do not qualify as health insurance, the access they provide is to real (not “artificial”) professionals… more importantly, to their medical knowledge, who can advise, direct, interact, recommend, and where needed, prescribe on the subscriber’s behalf.

Doctors actually talk or otherwise interact with subscribers after a normal and customary disclosure of medical information. These virtual interactions can resolve over 70% of the reason that physical visits, will all their logistical and social upheavals, are made.

This is something you can do too.

Company Rewards People/People Grow Company


OnDoc is in the fast-growing telehealth sector of the healthcare industry.

According to a report available through the research service Business Insider Intelligence ($450), Telehealth is defined as:

the use of mobile technology to deliver health-related services, such as remote doctor consultations and patient monitoring — is enabling healthcare providers and payers to address the US healthcare industry’s growing list of problems.

The proliferation and rapid advancement of mobile technology are spurring telehealth adoption, and many believe that 2018 could be the tipping point for the telehealth market.

UnHealthy Growth

Another word by which to describe the growth of telehealth and its cousin, telemedicine, is decentralization, but I wish it were as simple as that. The telehealth sector’s growth curve is so robust due to:

  • the increasing prevalence of chronic and lifestyle associated diseases,
  • rising healthcare costs,
  • increasing numbers of smart phone users
  • consistent erosion in the quality of healthcare services, and
  • surging demand for selfcare in remote locations

Simply put, they can’t physically or practically service the overwhelming number of chronically sick and tired people who are seeking medical information and knowledge in order to know what they can, or should do.

SOURCE: Healthcare Recruiters International

Enter telehealth systems and practices, which allow people to establish more direct connections and interactions with sources of medical information and knowledge, that they might actually help themselves.

There are many companies in this space already, but OnDoc is unique in providing access to licensed, board-certified doctors at such affordable rates, and without contracts.

Sharing, With Benefits

If telehealth were the end of it, OnDoc would be good to know about, and possibly to use, but that would be about all for me. However, when you factor in the question of residual income, the possibilities get really interesting, for virtually anyone.

I’ll sum it up in a note I wrote to one of my contacts on Skype, who is a Naturopathic Doctor who occasionally invites me to look at new income opportunities.

Hey Dr. Xxxx ~ please take a look at this.

This is not a product, but a service provided by a new, U.S.-based company, called OnDoc.

Started earlier this year (2018) and establishing itself in the telehealth sector, OnDoc provides access to licensed, board certified doctors 24/7 for a $25 monthly fee.

The access, advice, and services provided cover roughly 75% of the reasons most people make doctor’s visits.

While the scope of service is predominantly allopathic today, that’s okay by me since MOST of the population are actually dealing with allopathic practices and remedies. More specifically, they’re dealing with allopathic thinking, and the system built around it. They know the system, and can help OnDoc subscribers better navigate it.

This is a HUGE audience.

OnDoc is a great and useful service that does not purport to be, or qualify as “health insurance”. Yet, it is of value for people who have health insurance, and even greater better for those who for various reasons, don’t.

Better still, and the reason I’m sharing with you, is that the company has elected to grow itself by word of mouth, through its subscribers. Its approach is simple, and simply brilliant. It will pay a fee for each referral ~ 4 generations deep ~ every month.

Essentially, every time someone you refer directly pays their monthly OnDoc subscription fee, you get $6.

2nd level ~ when your referral refers someone else directly (earning $6), you get $2 every month they renew,

3rd level ~ when that second level subscriber refers someone (earning $6), you get $1 every month they renew.

There’s one more level that is incalculable, in a very nice way.

When you refer 10 people or more, you receive $2 from ALL referrals in your genealogy from 4th level on… each month they pay their OnDoc subscription.

This is a simple, affordable, and valuable service, that pays its subscribers for sharing and helping expand the service.

The $25 monthly fee increases to $30 on January 1, 2019, but will be unchanged for those who join this month.

My goal is 1,000 subscribers this month, but even 50 will change the quality of my life nicely… while each changes the quality of their health.

Here’s an opportunity webinar:

and my referal link:

Best regards… Adam…

Change YOUR Life; Help Others Change Theirs

OnDoc’s $25 monthly subscription fee is only through the end of December. On January 1, 2019, it will increase to $30. At $1/day, it’s still quite reasonable.

If you, or someone you know are trying to navigate their way amid the forces of the healthcare whirlpool, OnDoc could be a valuable lifeline given its modest cost.

In no way would I suggest that you, or OnDoc are going to change the world. However, the value is clear, the need is self-evident, so promises of reward are unnecessary, as those who see the opportunity know that gains are self-determined, and therefore, are determined to succeed.

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