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Best Ab Workouts For Women:

Leg raises: In this particular workout you have to raise your leg lying on a flat bed right up to 90 degree’s and then taking back to the start point. Repetitions must depend on how much an individual can do, and not a forceful one. If done regularly it is effective like no other workout. Individuals who do it regularly do a minimum of 100–200. If a beginner do these leg raises with breaks in between as the body’s not used to it at first.

Crunches: As the word suggest it totally burns your upper body fat to great extent. This workout requires you pulling your body up after lying on a flat bed to mid way and then taking slowly your head back. Repetitions suggested as per one’s potential.

Kapaalbhati: Yogaasana called “kapaalbhati” is also very effective when making abs are concerned. A regular doing of this asana not only affects the upper body part primarily that of abs but also helps the stomach in good digestion. Reigning beauties of tinsel town are often heard saying of this particular asana, as the secret behind their well kept bodies.

Pull Ups: Abs workouts are very demanding, one such is ”pull ups”. It not only gives a definition to your body but also allows it gather strength. Pull ups are very difficult to do as it requires pulling up your body with the arms on your own with head reaching to the hands and then coming back to the position. It is also considered to be most excruciating out of all the workouts.

Lunge: Take a running position while on the mat and change your feet alternatively slowly while taking in breath and out while changing feet. This workout helps you to gain upper body strength along with lowering or burning the side fats giving a dimension to the body.

Ab workouts as they seemingly look fascinating are strenuous to achieve too. A proper gym regime along with yoga is the way to be in order to get those abs. The above mentioned few determinants only vividly give a sketch of what technique to put into, nevertheless before even applying these methods one needs to have a sincere thirst to get them, leaving the effort mid way is what has been noticed by most of the fitness aspirants as the process is gruelling.


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