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4 Ways To Boost Workplace Wellness

There are countless advantages of having a culture of wellness in the workplace.

Why workplace wellness

Wellness in the workplace plays a part in keeping one physically and mentally healthy while engaging with their work. When you are feeling well and healthy, you can concentrate better on your work and will be more productive. An excellent wellness culture livens up the workplace and could turn your ordinary day at work into a fulfilling experience.

What can I do?

Your dietary habits can have a significant impact on your performance. When you have a balanced diet full of nutrients and minerals, you are healthier. When you are healthy, you can be more productive at work, are able to concentrate better and take fewer sick days off.

For a start, try to consume food with less oil, salt and sugar.

  • Opt for steamed or boiled food instead of fried ones to cut down on oil.
  • Consume less sauces like soy sauce, or go for a “reduced salt” version.
  • Ask for no sugar in your drinks to get a taste of the beverage in its natural state.

Even if there are no eateries offering healthy food near your office, fret not — check out these 8 healthy and affordable food delivery services.

Sitting for prolonged periods of time can have a negative implication on one’s health. Walking meetings allow you to be active while still getting your work done. Besides the impact on health, walking meetings also increase productivity, boost creativity and strengthen relationships between colleagues.

While it may not be appropriate for formal meetings to be turned into a walking meeting, casual office catch-up meetings are ideal. Try turning your usual meeting into a walking meeting, especially after sitting in the office for a long period of time. If the weather permits, taking a walk in an outdoor park could be a good form of exercise and give you the inspiration that you need. If not, you can consider holding your walking meeting in a sheltered location, like a shopping center or an indoor garden.

  • Improve office ergonomics

Office ergonomics are essential in ensuring that you are comfortable and can carry out your tasks in top condition. Good office ergonomics helps to boost productivity, increase employee engagement and show employees that they are valued. All these play a part in the long run success of the business. That being said, making improvements to office ergonomics need not be costly.

Some ideas:

  • Brighten your work space with something that will make you happy. Be it a potted plant or a family photo, having an object that will put a smile to your face helps to generate positive emotions.
  • Clean up your desk every day before you leave the office. Your workstation is a reflection of your state of mind, and having a neat and tidy desk allows you to be more focused and organised.
  • Maintain a correct posture while working. Simple tools like laptop raisers, foot rests and back supporters are affordable and can help keep you comfortable.
  • Go for regular health screenings

There are countless advantages of going for regular health screenings. With early detection, health problems can be tackled before they develop into major illnesses. As an individual, health screenings can tell you how healthy you are and what you can do to stay physically well. You can expect to fall sick less often and be in a better condition for both your work and private life. As for businesses, they can experience a dip in sickness absenteeism and turnover rates, an increase in productivity and employee satisfaction and a boost in company morale.

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These are just some of the many ways you can cultivate a wellness in your workplace. Since everyone is unique, what works for one may not work for another. Try out a few initiatives and see what fits, or be creative and come up with a fresh new idea. Old habits die hard, and you may not see results immediately. On the flip side, once your wellness habits develop, it is more likely to stick.

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