It always pays to be wary of health and weight loss programmes that scream at you that they “guarantee results in six minutes a day” or something similarly magical-sounding. But exercise science has also come a long way from the pseudo-science that preached that just “pounding the pavement” or simply accumulating countless hours in the gym was the only way to get sustainable results.

In that sense, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) might just sound like the latest fad, but it’s actually an evidence-based training approach that can radically slash the total time you have to work out, without compromising on the results.

Interested? Then read on.

What is HIIT?

Despite the catchy name, HIIT is not a fad. It’s actually an umbrella term for a specific type of training that has been used by elite sports teams and athletes for years now. HIIT is the term that is used when a person reaches 85% of their maximum heart rate for a short period, followed by a rest, then a return to that 85% maximum again.

Working out your maximum heart rate is easy too: simply grab your phone, open the calculator then subtract your age from 220. So if you’re a 40-year-old man, your theoretical maximum heart rate is 180. 85% of that is 153. That’s the rate you need to get to in order to be training in the high intensity range.

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