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Importance of Health, Fitness & Wellness

This week’s blog has been done by a friend of mine who I have known since my school days. Jordan Bryant manages a Body-Health Fitness camp so he has produced this blog stressing the importance of health, fitness and wellness.

Below I’m going to talk about:

  • Self-sabotage
  • • 90/10 rule
  • • How to keep nutrition REAL simple
  • • Measuring health by fitness
  • • Not letting the weekend become your WEAK end
  • • Importance of sleep


This is something I see all too often with people that are trying to change their health and fitness. This can be within training and nutrition alike. It works something like this……

You’ve made the difficult decision to finally start working out consistently, hitting some kind of movement-based activity at least 3 times a week you are feeling good, energised and motivated. You’ve adopted new healthy eating patterns and you are feeling great. Then life happens.

You go out drinking with friends, you have a friend’s wedding, you feel terrible, so you comfort eat for the afternoon, it’s your ‘cheat’ day, you miss a training session because you are tired, work’s too busy and you want to relax, the list is endless.

But you know what? All of the above is OK!

We have to realise that somewhere along the line we are going to go off course – our health and fitness goals do not work in a linear fashion. And that goes for everyone!

But instead of feeling guilty when we do take on the role of one of the above – embrace it as part of your journey, allow yourself those times where you think ‘sod it’ but bring yourself back into alignment with your goals and the real reason you started your journey.

Adopt the 90/10 rule…

Eat good nutritious foods and water 90% of the time and then allow yourself to enjoy 10% of whatever that means to you. Healthy eating then becomes a sustainable, long term lifestyle choice, rather than a chore. You can get great results and enjoy your life without the sacrifice! You are the only person standing in the way of your success, no one else.

How to keep nutrition REAL simple ?

Nutrition is a lot simpler than people like to make it. Eat REAL food (Grows out the ground or has eyes). Mostly plants. If it has a long shelf life stay CLEAR! Finally, not too much. Eat until you are full. No need to eat 6/7/8/9 small meals a day, three meals a day and a few snacks like your favourite fruit is more than sufficient.

Measuring health by fitness

How many burpees can you do in a minute? If you were to tell me between 1–10 that would then indicate to me that you are unfit and more than likely carrying way too much body fat. On the other hand, if you told me you can do 25+ then that would indicate to me that you fit, and your body fat is below 20%.

If you cannot run a mile in less than 13 minutes it is likely your body fat is 30%+ and you have some health issues, somewhere down the line something, some illness/disease is going to catch up with you, your resting heart rate is probably 100bpm+. If you can run a sub 6-minute mile, you are fit, your body fat is under 15% and I can guarantee your resting heart rate will not be 100bpm+ it will be more like 50bpm, you are doing pretty well.

Everything tracks together. Obviously, there will be hereditary based factors that can affect your health markers, but ‘hey’ you can’t help that. So, get fit/workout and guess what, your health is going to improve 10-fold. You cannot live a long healthy life at 30%+ body fat, it just won’t happen.

Not letting the weekend become your WEAK end

You’ve been training hard and eating clean & healthy all week! Then the weekend hits you and things go out of the window, you’re here, there and everywhere, eating on the move, you lose track of what you’re taking on board and can easily eat way too much food and you don’t even realise that you’ve had that Latte, packed sandwich or chocolate bar.

So, all week you have pushed hard, got your body in the right place to get amazing results, and then at the ‘weak end’ you have undone so much of it by letting your guard down. The goal is not to totally restrict yourself, it is important to maintain a level of awareness, so ask yourself the following question ‘Do I need to do it ALL weekend?’ and the answer to that is NO! If you are out for a meal then try to pick the chicken option from the menu, and then in the evening if you fancy a couple of alcoholic drinks you know you can do that, or maybe have the dessert at an evening meal. This isn’t a big problem, but if you do all of these things all weekend then there’s no balance, if you keep on doing this you will never keep/get your body in shape. Do not let the weekend be your weak end, plan a little control and structure into your weekend, have your 10% treats, that’s never going to undo all of your hard work. Just be sure to drink water and find those easy healthy swaps that won’t ruin your weekend, or the work you did all week before it.

Importance of sleep

I have been asked a lot lately what can I do/eat for more energy during the day. The most important thing by a long shot is more sleep. A recent study took some college students and sleep deprived them with less than 5 hours sleep a night, within a week all of them were pre-diabetic with hugely increased blood sugar levels. They then let them get back to their usual sleeping patterns of 9/10 hours sleep per night, within 3 days they were no longer pre-diabetic. Constant bad sleep also lowers your immune system so much that it increases your chances of getting Alzheimer’s and doubles your risk of cancer.

Between 8–10 hours per night suits me best. Try it for a week, you will feel like a new person with bundles of energy. Your new energy levels will also help you get to the gym and in return increase your fitness and health.

Here are some benefits of regular physical functional activity: (3 days per week)

If you are regularly physically active, you will:

-reduce your risk of a heart attack

-manage your weight better

-have a lower blood cholesterol level

-lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers

-have lower blood pressure

-have stronger bones, muscles and joints and lower risk of developing osteoporosis

-lower your risk of falls

-recover better from periods of hospitalisation or bed rest

-feel better – with more energy, a better mood, feel more relaxed and sleep better

-Push off the nursing home

-make tonnes of new friends

All of this resonates to me as most importantly increasing longevity….

Longevity -> Long healthy able life (skiing down the French alps when you are 90 years old with your great grandchildren)

So, what is stopping you from working out?

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