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When Healthy Hillingdon met Hayley Coe of CoeActive Fitness

Is Zumba the most fun you can have with your clothes on? Do you actually get a work out? Healthy Hillingdon went along to try out a Zumba Class and interview Hayley Coe founder of CoeActive Fitness.

Arriving into the busy hall, I was instantly amazed by just how many women and men were at Hayley’s class. The room was packed and (arriving slightly late) the music was already pumping! I felt like I had landed in a South American city not a hall in South Ruislip. Hayley was leading the class from the front and boy does she make it look easy.

We started with a warm up to get the blood pumping and then into the Zumba routines. You could tell the people who had been to the class many times before as they knew which steps to do as soon as the music started, however for newbies like us we didn’t feel out of place learning the steps. Before we knew it…. the sweat was dripping, the heart was pumping and we were getting the hang of it. An hour of routines flew by and after a really fun cool down, Healthy Hillingdon got a chance to sit down with Hayley to talk about all things CoeActive Fitness.

Hayley Coe of CoeActive Fitness

Hello Hayley! Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey into fitness training.

Well, I danced from the age of 3 and trained with Italia Conti from the age of 18. On leaving education I did a number of jobs including working in a bar, freelance admin for the NHS and working at Fitness First in Pinner whilst still auditioning for roles in London. Whilst at Fitness First one of my clients suggested that I start a Zumba class. At the time Zumba was still relatively unknown so I thought.. “what is Zumba”, looked it up and thought, “yeah I can do that.” I was transitioning from one job to another at the time of training to be a Zumba instructor and a month & a half after leaving the gym I set up my first Zumba class. My first class went bananas and exploded as Zumba was everywhere.

Suddenly one class became 2, 2 became 3 and all of a sudden I had to decide if I was going to do this full time. On turning 29 I decided that fitness and personal training was going to be my focus so I qualified as a personal trainer and now this my full time job.

What has been the best thing about your job?

I have had to grow my client list myself so in that time I have got to know everyone. Some clients have been with me since I have started (in 2011). I have got to know their families & what is going on in their lives. I have seen transformations and really enjoy the community feel to what I do.

Check this out for a #sweatyselfie

Tell us about your classes new class Strong by Zumba?

Strong by Zumba is a new concept that was launched by Zumba. The closest thing on the market currently would perhaps be a Body Attack or Body Combat class.

Strong is more of a HIT based work out that links dynamic moves to the Zumba style music. Each move has a beat to hit and it makes for a really energetic all body workout.

So apart from Zumba what else do you do?

I also have personal training clients, many who have come from my classes, meaning I can help them refine their technique to get more out of the classes. If I notice they need help with a certain move in a class we can work on it in a 1–2–1 setting or visa versa.

I am also about to launch Challenge Us Fitness. Me and my training partner Lee have designed these classes to attract people who are looking for a more adventurous training programme. The idea is that you will train 3 times week with us and at the end of a 12 week cycle we will, as a team, compete in a physical challenge to see how far our clients have progressed in stamina and strength. It is great for people of any level of fitness as we can help them to achieve, what could be a big test within 12 weeks even if they haven’t exercised before.

You can find more about CoeActive Fitness by visiting the website here or find them on facebook here

To find out more about Challenge Us Fitness visit their site here or find them on Facebook here

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