5 Ways Your Apology Has the Power to Heal

We all unwittingly hurt others just as we are hurt by them, so the need to give and receive apologies is with us until our very last breath. 

The absent or bad apology can put a crack in the very foundation of a relationship, or even end it. In contrast, the power of the heartfelt apology is remarkable.

Here are the 5 gifts that our heartfelt apology gives to the angry or hurt party. 

*The hurt part feels relieved and soothed. Whatever anger and resentment they may still be harboring may melt away

*The heartfelt apology can free the hurt party from feeling trapped in anger, bitterness and obsessive rumination.

*It can allow the hurt party to feel safe and comfortable in the relationship again, knowing that their pain can affect us and that we care about their feelings.

*It validates the hurt parties sense of reality. The whole-hearted apology says to the hurt party, “yes, I get it, I screwed up, I was wrong, your feelings make sense, and I want you to know that I’m not going to do this again.

*It lets the other person know that we can take responsibility and feel remorse.

The courage to offer a heartfelt apology, and the wisdom to apologize wisely and well, is at the heart of being successful in everything we value most—friendship, parenting, marriage, leadership personal integrity, and our capacity for intimacy and authenticity.  And what’s more important that that!

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