When Is The Best Time To Take Probiotics?

One of the most common questions asked to me regarding gut health is when is the best time to take probiotics.

The best time to take probiotics right after you FIRST meal of the day. Our gastrointestinal system is very acidic. The acidic nature of our gastrointestinal system can cause the probiotic capsule to be broken down before it has reached deep into our G.I. Tract.

If you missed your first probiotic dosage there is no reason to fret. It can be taken following any meal. If you aren’t very hungry, eat something small and follow it up with a probiotic.

More Importantly, is the question…..

Where should I purchase my probiotics?

As a former store manager at one of the largest health food chains in America, I can tell you the worst place to buy probiotics is from any store.

While you buy your probiotics from the store, usually in a refrigerated area. I guarantee it has not been temperature controlled for long.

The Process Of Store-Bought Probiotics.

The #1 reason people have found probiotics ineffective is that the probiotics are dead. It is important to remember that probiotics are living bacteria that improve the ratio of good to bad bacteria.

Best Way To Buy Probiotics

Jarrow Formulas Cool-Ship Probiotics Process

Evidence of the importance of gut health increases every year. As an expert in the field of probiotics I recommend to take probiotics shortly after you first meal and to order Jarrow Formulas Cool-Ship probiotics here.

You can read the full article on Gut Health and probiotics here.

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