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Things You Should Know About Chiropractic Treatment

Lower Back Pain Treatment, San Jose

Be it leg pain, heel pain, or back pain, such conditions often interfere with the daily routine and cause discomfort. The pain is common among all age groups and therefore, one must call for a solution.

Common forms of treatments involve the use of some drugs or even surgery. How many of us would be ready for surgery or would be open to using pharmaceutical drugs? In response to the same, we must look for something that doesn’t only an alternative for surgery or drugs but also a pain reliever wherein people can get personalized treatments too.

At our pain management clinic based out of San Jose, California, we acknowledge your queries. Hence, a solution for all your pains is chiropractic treatment specifically for lower Back Pain treatment San Jose. Let’s have a brief of what exactly this therapy is, and why several individuals from San Jose look forward to it for heel pain or leg pain treatment.

What is chiropractic treatment?

The word chiro stands for “of the hands or hands”. And the doctors who perform chiropractic are called chiropractors. They use manual spinal manipulation treatment where the alignment of the whole body is taken care of.

This manual manipulation helps in restoring mobility of joints restricted by some tissue injury that can be due to any reason such as falling, jerking or accidental.

After a thorough evaluation, it is easier for the doctor to identify the biomechanical disturbances in the patient’s musculoskeletal system using hands. Because this therapy doesn’t believe in one treatment for all, the doctor focuses on personalized treatments.

What are the benefits of this therapy?

As chiropractic treatment doesn’t incorporate any sort of surgery or medication, it has several advantages:

  • 1 It requires a holistic diagnosis of the whole body in relation to biomechanical disturbances. Therefore, it is a pain reliever not just for the specific pain but holistic disorders.
  • 2 Tinkers body’s ability to heel by evaluating the factors affecting your health i.e. nutrition, sleep, exercise, environment, etc.
  • 3 No pharmaceuticals drugs or surgeries are a big relief for any patient suffering from pain. Use of manual manipulation, electrical muscular stimulation, ultrasound or massage stimulates body system to work more effectively and initiate control and coordination of the body for the betterment.
  • 5 Relieves stress, improves body postures, immune system, sleep and mood swings

What other conditions can be treated?

Apart from treating, leg, heel, joint, ligament, tendons or nerve pain, a chiropractor also treats:

  • 1 Subluxation in which spine alignment, movement integrity and physiological functions are compromised
  • 2 Accident injuries such as whiplash that may cause long-term damage to the musculoskeletal system, leading to chronic pain
  • 3 A herniated disc, also known as bulging or slipped disc
  • 4 Severe migraine pain causing nausea and extreme sensitivity to light, smell, temperature, and sound sometimes affect sufferers for hours or days at a time
  • 5 Nerve pain that may appear in different forms, but usually shows persistent pain in one buttock that goes down into the corresponding leg

Chiropractors in San Jose, California

For the effective leg pain treatment in San Jose, you can get consult our professionals. Numerous individuals searching for heel pain chiropractor in San Jose also connect with us. Learn more about our solutions from here: http://www.backtobackchiro.com/.

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