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Looking Back at 3 Years of Training.

2014 left. 2018 right.

Back in 2015, I was at my heaviest weighing in just over 268lbs! I can’t even remember how it felt, physically, but emotionally I’m still dealing with some scars.

If you haven’t been following along with this series of posts I started about a year ago I recommend you start with “My Transformation: I want to be in the Best Shape of My Life by 40”. This will give you the back story.

Looking back can be fun and scary

From the photo above you can see that physically I’m pretty much an entirely different person. In fact, recently I reconnected with an old friend whom I have not seen in roughly 8 years and he remarked how “I don’t even recognize you”.

Most people will change over a span of 8 years. We change our clothes, hairdos, etc. But, the body, that is entirely different.

You can look into someone’s eyes and recognize them, but when they have gone through a physical change of shedding more than 100lbs they are physically a different person. I barely recognize myself in old pictures.

Here’s a rough timeline of my physical transformation over the past 3 years. These were the most telling photos I could find. What stood out the most was the fact that when I was still overweight I took very few full body pictures and almost never had on tank tops or went shirtless. Now I barely keep my clothes on 🙂

2015. I had serious back problems because of my weight. This is when my wife got me a special back massager ‘cause I was bed ridding often from the pain.
2015. I could barely get the life jacket on.
2015. Still chubby, but this picture was taken soon after I started changing my diet and working out.
2016. Starting to make some progress.
2016. Was beginning to feel good about myself and the progress I was making in terms of weight loss and at the gym.
End of 2016. I was feeling more comfortable at the gym and was sharing my progress online.
2017. Was losing weight and staying focused and gradually getting stronger.
2017. Around this time I had already lost 80lbs!
2018. Had reached my first BIG goal — over 100lbs lost. I was down to a 32″ waist from 40″.
2018. Making big strides, feeling great and killing it at the gym.
2018. This was taken about a month ago. Down over 130lbs and loving my new found strength!

Final thoughts

I’ve said it before and I will say it again — it has been a long hard road!

This has been the most difficult thing I have ever done and I’m happy I never gave up and that I am still continuing to stay motivated and push hard every day. This is more than a diet and training program, it’s a way of life. This is a journey that will only end … when I do. And, that won’t be for a very long time in this healthy and active body 🙂

“Never say die.”

— The Goonies

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