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There she goes, that woman on fire- an amazing woman- leading a business, caring for her family, living her purpose and making a difference!

There’s good news in these times for us modern women- who can be, do and have anything we put our minds to.

However, so often the story is BAD NEWS for the woman’s beautiful and miraculous body…

In all the rushing around, and daily whirr of activity, and with more toxins in our air and less nutrients in our soil, it’s our particularly sensitive female bodies that pay the high price of ‘having it all’…

I’ve seen the tragedy of the ‘have it all woman’- acing so many areas of her life, but neglecting her health until she’s flabby, bloated, sluggish, in constant pain, having thyroid issues and hormones all over the place-

And worst of all thinking it’s ‘normal’ or ‘’just getting older’’

Your health needs your attention, and you know it..but it’s inconvenient and so you keep going to ‘Hope’ it just miraculously gets better…

OR you lower your expectations about what your body can LOOK and FEEL like in your late 30s/40s/50s etc and tell yourself a story to make yourself feel better about not having what you secretly want

The truth is, as a qualified nutritionist and expert in female health what I can tell you for sure is it’ll only get EVEN worse if left unattended…

…Your symptoms will go from mildly annoying and niggling to threatening to take you out of the game and reduce your enjoyment and energy BIG TIME…

ANY health pain big or small that’s left,
WILL get stronger,
Will get chronic,

AND will take even more of your life force, energy, flow and glow away, at the least, and at the worst will see you on meds and in hormone chaos and a downward spiral…

… if you don’t do something about it NOW!

It’s time to STOP putting it off for later, waiting for it to get EVEN WORSE.

Can you imagine completely ELIMINATING your sluggishness, excess body fat, aches and pains, sugar cravings and exhaustion NATURALLY?

What if I told you you could achieve that in as little as 7 days?

What if you allowed yourself some expert support to make this your

NEW PERMANENT state of wellbeing, energy and radiance?

Don’t believe it’s possible?

I get you, but at this point I’ve helped so many women to step into
VIBRANT, MORE energized, more aligned, 5–10–20 Ibs lighter, brighter, clearer, more youthful, more confident and comfortable in their own skin — body and mind, LITERALLY glowing with health and balance… I know it’s available for you no matter where you are at…

They feel like it’s a miracle- but that’s the other part of the GOOD NEWS- your body can heal and is always seeking to come back into alignment.


When your body is in alignment, everything else comes back into balance too.

Your hormones and moods level out, you naturally have energy for all you need to do and you feel clearer, more present.
It’s so freeing.

What are you waiting for?

If you truly love yourself, why are you putting your body on HOLD?

NOTHING is more important than the way you FEEL in your body.

SO, Are you feeling your absolute shining BEST?

BE HONEST with yourself,

…Do you know you’re just guessing, or missing something, or following a one-size fits all, which NEVER gives YOU the full unique healing that your body deserves?

YOUR exact body needs MUST be tested, and I’m here to make a stand for YOUR body’s unique needs- not some cookie cutter approach- this CAN’T be done via a book, guessing, the internet, or a one-size-fits all program…

Your body requires BESPOKE attention,

That’s why I’m making myself available this week for a consultation with you to see if I can help with your unique situation and needs, this is complimentary BUT extremely LIMITED

If you’re application is successful we’ll discuss your current health situation, any challenges you’re experiencing and I will help you to outline some potential next steps to your dream body and ideal health, including exploring together if it’s a fit to join me in a Body Awakening journey that is fully customised to you…

This moment holds the gold for you to boldly step forward to your next level — radiant, aligned, energised, physically & emotionally pain free, craving free, and so in love with your beautiful body.

DM me for one of these limited spots and I’ll be in touch.

Arianna Aunon-www.ariannaaunon.com

Award-Winning 2018-Best Women’s Health Specialist U.K.

Leading Women’s Health Coach & Qualified Nutritionist

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