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From my first blog post, I had several requests for a blog on the best gluten-free substitutes. Though I am still learning and trying different brands of flour, there are other foods like applesauce, avocados, and even bananas that will do the trick.

When I first found out about my gluten allergy six years ago, I felt lost and confused when I would go to the grocery store. I felt like EVERYTHING had gluten in it. For the first six months, I avoided eating some of my favorite meals just because I didn’t know what to use as a substitute. I stuck to meats, vegetables, and fruits.

I started researching online and found interesting, yet simple replacements for my old favorite gluten filled meals and snacks.

Unfortunately, cooking becomes a little harder sometimes. Not all grocery stores have vast gluten free sections, limiting the number options. Sometimes the substitutes don’t hold as well as the foods you used to before and don’t taste the same.

King Arthur Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour

My personal two favorite and ones that I can find at almost any grocery store nowadays (thank you grocery stores for slowly getting more gluten-free inventory) is the Pillsbury™ Best® Multi-Purpose Gluten Free Flour Blend and King Arthur Gluten Free Flour. I use them mostly for baking, but it these two are the best for really anything.

Pillsbury™ Best® Multi-Purpose Gluten Free Flour Blend

For myself, I have learned from plenty of different “trial and error” which flours work best. Academy of Culinary Nutrition, a valuable resource in cooking gluten-free, has descriptions of the many kinds of flours which suggest, “blending multiple flours together are the best results.”

Names of gluten-free flours

Pinterest is another great resource on awesome substitutes. I have found recipes that makes pancakes solely from eggs and bananas, banana bread using applesauce instead of flour, and weirdly enough avocados for brownies.

I have learned that being gluten-free, you have to be creative in the kitchen. I am not the greatest baker, but I have learned that you really need to follow the recipe instructions when using these gluten-free flours because it cooks way differently than normal flours.

Though it is frustrating to be gluten-free at times, it can be fun creating your own ways and tricks to make your meals delish!

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