6 Essential First Aid Skills that Everyone Must Know

We cannot stress how important first aid is. Accidents and emergency situations can happen anywhere and at any time. If you do not know what to do when they happen, you might make matters worse. This is why it pays to attend first aid and CPR classes so you are equipped with proper knowledge in first aid.

Here, we listed down some essential skills that you have to know when it comes to first aid. You can teach yourself but it is still best that you seek training from professionals so you can make sure you are doing them right.

Know What ABC Means

CPR and first aid back in the days is almost equal to A-B-C. These three letters stand for Airway, Breathing, and Compression. This means that if someone is unconscious, you should check the airway for any blockage. Then, check if they are breathing. If not, do compressions. However, in 2015, the order of these things have been slightly modified. Today, compressions should come first.

Stop Bleeding

Whether a cut is minor or deep, they can sometimes result in major and serious bleeding. If bleeding is not stopped as soon as possible, they may cause more damage. When you spot bleeding on the victim, apply a little pressure on the area but make sure you are wearing gloves so you can protect yourself from any blood-related diseases. Alternatively, you can also tear a piece of clothing from the victim and wrap it around the area that is bleeding. Just make sure the cloth is clean.

How to Treat Burns

Minor burns can be easily dealt with using the right first aid treatment. Before doing the treatment, ensure that the victim is positioned comfortably. Use clean and wet clothing piece and slightly press it on the burned area. This will help regulate and maintain the condition of the skin, preventing it from deteriorating while you wait for medical professionals to come.


The best way to do first aid for sprains is to make an ice pack out of some ice cubes and plastic covering. The coldness of ice will help mitigate the swelling of the sprained part. Just press the ice pack with appropriate pressure. Make sure it is consistently in contact with the sprained part while waiting for medical help.


If not treated as soon as possible, diarrhea can be detrimental as it causes fast loss of fluids from the body. It can result in dehydration when not attended properly. So, as a first aid measure, make sure you rehydrate the victim. If possible, have them drink a sports drink filled with electrolytes. There are also diets that can help in restoring the body fluids. Maintain the diet and re-hydration until the patient is able to seek proper medical assistance.

Be Professionally Trained

Of course, all the first aid treatment mentioned above can be learned through a few tutorial videos you can watch online. But, without proper training, you may be doing more harm than help. Enroll yourself in first aid and CPR classes and get a certificate. But, much more than the certificate, you should make sure you get proper knowledge.

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