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Grenera is pioneer manufacturing Moringa and Herbal Supplement product company.

Moringa Infusion:

Grenera offersnine different flavors of moringa infusion. That are listed below:

(i) Moringa Green Tea

(ii) Moringa Herbal Infusion

(iii) Moringa Pomegranate Infusion

(iv) Moringa Strawberry Infusion

(v) Moringa Mint Infusion

(vi) Moringa Lemon Ginger Infusion

(vii) Moringa Rose Infusion

(viii) Moringa Ginger infusion

(ix) Moringa Apple Cinnamon Infusion

In these moringa infusion, i have explained about moringa pomegranate infusion.

Key Features:

Made with organic ingredients

100% pure & Natural

There is no fillers, bindrs and artificial ingredients

Moringa Pomegranate Infusion:

The combination of moringa leaves, dried pomegranate pieces and hibiscus petal gives the best refreshing drink.

Suggested Use:

Pour boiling water over the tea bag in your tea cup or tea pot infuse with 5–7 minutes. If you prefer, sweeten with honey or sugar.

Packing: 20 Tea Bags/Box


You can order it from

We can give 15% discount on all the products

We also give free shipping option above the order value $35USD.

More details, visit @

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