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In a deep tissue massage, the therapist uses a little bit of pressure and slow stroking of the area to reach deeper muscles and fascia. It has been proven to provide immense relief in chronic pains like neck pain, upper and lower back pains, which are caused due to improper blood circulation and muscle tension.

There are many benefits of deep tissue massage.

– Reduces Pain: Deep tissue massage has been proven to treat chronic pains like back pain and neck pain. It also helps to reintroduce proper blood flow to injured areas during any sports or physical activities.

– Lowers Blood Pressure: Sometimes the cause of high blood pressure can be reduced blood circulation. It can also cause pain. Deep tissue massage helps in treating the affected area, thereby increasing the circulation of blood and lowering the blood pressure.

– Mobilization of Joints: Deep tissue massage helps in the mobilization of stuck and painful joints due to damaged tendons and muscles. Hence, during a sports injury like hamstring, physiotherapy or a remedial massage is advised.

– Treatment of Back & Neck Pain: In chronic back and neck pains, tissue massage can be of great help. It sorts out the problem from the root by treating sore muscles and blocked blood circulation.

Stress Relieving: Like other massage therapies, deep tissue massage is also very stress relieving. It reduces physical stress by reducing muscle tensions, and as said before, lowering down blood pressure.

Deep tissue massage is known to be helpful in many other symptoms of muscle, tendon or fascia injury. If you’re seeking out a tissue massage, then you should surely consider RawTherapies. Their team is ardent in providing all types of physiotherapy services in Gold Coast, Australia.

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