Hippocrates Health Institute on the Power of a Raw, Organic Plant-Based Diet

Hippocrates Health Institute has become an oasis for individuals looking to transform their lifestyle towards a more sustainable and long-term wellness of the mind, body, and soul. At the root of this transformation is the switch to a raw, organic plant-based diet. Looking for some inspiration and motivation to do the same? Look no further!

The Basics

A raw, organic plant-based diet may sound like a restricting dietary practice. However, when done correctly, it is anything but! Let’s begin by breaking this term down. Raw food is food that is uncooked and unprocessed. This includes nuts, fresh fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and spices. Next is organic food. The official definition of organic differs from country to country. However, it typically refers to food grown without the use of man-made fertilizers and pesticides, and involves eco-friendly practices to conserve biodiversity. Lastly, a plant-based diet is one that prioritizes plants and includes little to no animal products. Some may call a raw, organic plant-based diet extreme, however the following will show you that this is much more than just a diet. It is a lifestyle that maximizes full body health, long-term.

Health Benefits

There are various health benefits of eating raw, organic, plant-based foods. By cutting out many traditional foods, such as dairy, meat, and processed junk foods, you will start to understand personal food intolerance’s that you became accustomed to ignoring. Elle Macpherson, the iconic Australian supermodel, mother, and entrepreneur, is one of many returning visitors to Hippocrates Health Institute. In the July 2018 edition of HHI’s magazine, Healing Our World, Macpherson thanks Hippocrates for being a constant source of education on the important role fresh, raw vegan food and the effect it has had on her physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.

Other individuals who have adopted this diet have reported that the longer you eat raw and plant-based, the more your taste buds change away from craving sugar to wanting fresh fuel. Many people report feeling drowsy during their first week or two on a raw, plant-based diet. However, once their sugar cravings have passed, they experience heightened brain function, a clear mind, and a refreshing sense of energy. Additionally, a raw, organic, plant-based diet is great for individuals struggling with digestion. These foods are easy to digest, assimilate, and eliminate, giving us more energy to complete daily tasks. Alternatively, fast food often has a bloating and tiring effect. For more information on the specific nutrients within raw, organic plant-based foods, check out Hippocrates’ article on the Benefits of Raw.

Social Implications

Plant-based diets impact more than just the individuals consuming them, says Hippocrates Health Institute.

In addition to making you feel great on the inside and the outside, knowing that you are doing your part to protect the environment and animals can give you an overwhelming sense of pride. For those struggling to quit their old dietary habits, do more research into animal rights and the environmental impact of animal foods. There is a growing collection of documentaries delving into the ethical implications of plant-based diets, such as Cowspiracy and Food Inc. By combining education and compassion, you will feel a sense of responsibility to switch to a plant-based diet, which will help you abandon less healthy practices. For delicious raw plant-based food recipes, check out Hippocrates Health Institute blog.

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