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Keto Flu

I’ve gotten several questions about how bad the keto flu is, I’ve heard stories of people passing out and being hospitalized. That is either all bullshit or way to little calories, mismanaged macros, lack of micros or a whole slew of other things.

It is not that bad!

The first few days after you cut carbs will be like you just caught a seasonal flu, minus the icky sneezing, coughing and sore throat. You will just have that general tired weak feeling you get while being sick for a few days.

If you are that concerned about your safety during the keto flu take a few days off and on the last day of work before your time off cut carbs and just spend some time at home watching netflix eating your new diet and prepping meals while you get over the keto flu.

You’ll wake up a few days later knowing your body has flipped the switch, you will feel fucking incredible compared to how you felt the previous day. If you pay close attention to your energy levels before starting keto and after I promise you’ll notice a difference as well. I feel so much better with my body in a ketogenic state it’s actually kind of wild…

Other people are your biggest enemy

Since starting keto the amount of stupid comments I’ve heard is mind blowing, everything from you can’t gain muscle on keto to you will die the body is not able to do this long term…. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH

If you just listened to everything everyone said you’d be on 15 diets at once and none at the same time. I spent hours and hours reading scholarly articles before I even decided on Keto. I have experimented with it myself and am tracking my results here for you all to witness on this website.

But I’m also just a man, while I am absolutely confident in the research I’ve done I advise you to read through my sources and seek out other information to come to a decision on your own. The facts are that you won’t die from keto people have been doing it for years in a row now and they are still kicking so you can scratch that one off the list.

The simplest thing to do is really just to give it a try, if after two months you decide fuck this I love pasta I’ll find another way then so be it do what makes you happy as ultimately that will end up being what you stick with!

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