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10 Fat Loss Hack for the Newbie

Not ready to count calories but want to lose some fat?

That’s cool. Counting calories takes time and patience and it can be very daunting for the newbie. It is the most effective but if you need a transition period, that’s okay.

Because the truth is, we can all change some habits that we have and we can start losing some flab already.

We’ve been saying over and over: it’s all about control and the willpower to change yourself.

Over the years, I have compiled some techniques that I have used and have given to other people if the concept of calorie counting does not appeal to them. After all, if you just want to drop some numbers on the scale or tape measure, maybe calorie counting is not for you yet.

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The 10 Fat Loss Hacks for Newbies

1. Protein first, carbs later

In the vernacular, ulam muna bago kanin.

The science behind this is in reference with your blood sugar levels but we won’t go into that. There is information all over Google if you want to know more.

And besides, I know you’re not in for some science today. You just want to lose fat. Bottomline: You don’t need to avoid carbs. Just chill.

2. Put down your spoon or fork

It takes 20 minutes for our brain to recognize that we are getting full. If you eat like a ticking time bomb, then you’re not really giving your body the time it needs to process what you’re doing.

Ever wonder how people manage to eat so much in all-you-can-eat contests? Because they eat without actually savoring their food. They just wolf it down. And then be in a food coma after.

Putting down your utensils will automatically make you eat at a slower pace. This also gives you a chance to chat with your family or friends if you are eating with them. It also allows you to get more bang for your buck: you actually get to taste your food.

Along with this, chew your food properly. Be nice to your digestive system by breaking down your food well.

3. Centralize your carbs within your workouts

When you work out, your body is very efficient in using your energy stores to fuel you. And I have mentioned before that carbohydrate is one of the macros that your body uses for energy.

So when is the best time to eat carbs?

It will be around your workout, before and after.

Eating 1–2 hours prior to your workout will provide you enough energy to get an awesome session! I normally eat twice before working out: 2 hours prior and another meal 1 hour prior.

But what’s the deal with eating after? Isn’t that counterproductive to replace what your workout just burned with food? Not really.

See, when you train, you subject your body to stress. Muscle tissues get ripped, your nervous system starts to struggle, your body is working in overdrive to sustain the increased activity.

After your workout, your body needs to recover. Recovery should be prioritized just as much as your training periods. Give your body a reprieve by providing it with good carbohydrate sources. If any, this is the perfect time to eat some white rice, provided it will be a reasonable amount.

4. Fast the whole day if there is an event later

Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, team buildings… it all adds up.

So what does somebody on a cutting or bulking diet do without going overboard?

What I personally do is eat good, clean sources of protein during the day like chicken breast, tuna, and whey protein. I pair those off with vegetables (because veggies are carbs!). It will be a high volume but low-calorie meals. High volume because in order to say reach 100 calories for green veggies, you have to eat A LOT of vegetables. That’s going to keep you full.

Then once the event happens, I’m free to explore my food choices. Of course, you still have to control and not go overboard. Eat slowly, put down your utensil and enjoy.

Should you go overboard (because we always do!), just pick things back up the next day. Plain and simple. But don’t use this excuse to procrastinate.

5. Eat only when you are hungry

Takaw mata ka ba?

Are you easily swayed to try something because it looks so good, even if you’re not hungry?

A small taste can easily lead you to finish the whole thing. My personal kryptonite is pasta. So don’t be evil and show me pasta.

This is where self-control can be practiced. Are you able to just taste and control yourself from eating the whole thing?

Here’s what a coach taught me before: Rate your hunger from a scale of 1 to 10. Anything from 6 and below, try to drink some water and assess again after 30 mins. If it goes up to 7–10, go ahead and eat something.

6. Read the labels

Here’s a perfect example. I have a friend who knows I read labels and he proceeds to offer me a snack and tells me:

It’s only 250 calories! That’s nothing!

I knew what the snack was so I refused kindly and just let him finish the whole thing. It’s his favorite so I’m not about to spoil the moment. When he was finished, I told him to look at the packaging.

It’s 250 calories for 1 serving. That bag had 3 servings. And he finished it.

Moral of the story? Read the labels so you know how much you are consuming.

Small trivia: Did you know that 1 bottle of Fit & Right Active has 2 servings? So if you’re drinking that in one go, hope you’re still on your way to being fit!

7. Load up on vegetables

This advice has already been set in stone ever since we were kids. Mom was right!

And it goes beyond veggies giving you your dose of vitamins and minerals. It’s all about volume.

You can easily wolf down a cupcake for X amount of calories but it’s not easy to consume 2 broccoli heads in one go without feeling stuffed. If you can, that’s awesome!

This photo shows the visual difference. You can obviously tell which one if going to keep you full longer.

And like what I said, vegetables are low-calorie carbohydrates and more. It’s good for you. So eat them.

8. Drink a lot of water

Your science teacher told you that your body is 70% water. Your muscles look fuller when you’re hydrated. Bodybuilders on stage look shredded because they purposely cut out water.

Going back to my advice on rating your hunger, most times we are just dehydrated when we feel hungry.

Another time that you feel thirsty is when you consume a lot of carbs because carbs pull water from your body. When you feel really thirsty after eating, chances are you may have consumed a lot of carbs.

Try to consume at least 2 L of water a day. You may need more if you’re bigger but try to be consistent. Set an alarm every hour to drink something. And this is water, okay? Not soda, tea or coffee.

9. Apple cider vinegar

This advice has been going around social media recently along with photos of fat loss. I’ve been doing this for quite some time but like what I always say, it’s about the science.

Apple cider vinegar lowers your blood sugar levels by about 4–6%. When your blood sugar levels are low, insulin is more responsive towards the food you eat so your body can use them effectively.

I personally use this because I haven’t been responding well to carbs lately because of the extra body fat. Yes, people on the heavier side are not really in good terms with carbs unless they trim the fat off. That’s why the first dieting advice given to them would be to go low carb.

Start with 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar 15–30 minutes daily before a carb-heavy meal. I do it before dinner because I eat carbs both for dinner and breakfast and I need my body to respond to those carbs.

10. Eat more slow carbs

In relation to carbs, this is also something you can do. Slow carbs keep you full longer and keep your blood sugar levels steady. And mostly, they are low calorie like sweet potatoes, beans, oatmeal etc.

That’s why oatmeal is usually recommended for breakfast because they don’t spike your blood sugar as fast. And they keep your energy levels steady.

I normally eat slow carbs 2 hours prior to my workout and fast carbs like white rice after my workout.

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