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Bangsar born and bred, Victor Yap embarked on his new passion project, Fittie Sense hoping to reinvent the Malaysians perspective of what it means to eat healthy without having to sacrifice our taste buds.

With an aim of creating food that is still edible, founding member, Victor Yap creates dishes that comes off as comfort food but also with balanced nutrition on the plate. Prior to opening Fittie Sense, Victor surveyed the market and realised most place offering healthy meals were done on the basis of meal preps or on a fast food style. Victor however had set up Fittie Sense in order to provide a dine-in experience for the similar group of people.

“My idea of healthy is different than your idea of healthy, I want to put out what we believe is healthy in a non-preachy manner.” says Victor. With a concept of creating tasty dishes which just so happens to be healthy. As per the requests the café has received last year, Fittie Sense also caters to those who are in need of specific dietary supplements.

This year’s trend being keto and vegan, Victor says he curates his menu to offer a variety in order to cater these requests. “There’s always a bit of something for everyone.”

One example given by Victor by how he reshapes the food he loves into something healthier, is by trying to achieve a similar flavour but with healthier ingredients. Part of eating well is knowing where your food comes from, with his sea bass coming all the way from Kuala Selangor and his red meat arriving from the pasture raised grass fed beef from Australia, Victor says the Fittie Sense is fussy about where the food comes from.

Adopting a similar fashion to salad bars, Victor offers his customers an experience of curating their own meals. “This will allow them to calculate their calories and macros as well” says Victor hoping the additional service will also appeal to those with a tighter budget as each ingredient is priced separately.

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