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Forest Gump was onto something when he ran across the nation. Many of us take for granted the benefits of running. We get settled in our sedentary lifestyles and become tired. Our immediate response is to try and sleep the tiredness away but that only exacerbates the problem. I’m here to tell you that exercise is the real champion to combat fatigue.

Running gives you wings. (energy)

There’s a phrase that gets tossed around a lot called the runner’s high. Putting your feet to the ground and moving those leg muscles gives a sense of euphoria. The first few steps feel heavy but after a few minutes your entire body begins to feel invincible with reduced discomfort and even your mind can lose track of time. That’s energy flowing through the body and positivity welling up through the lungs. You feel accomplished and capability to succeed at anything once you’ve mastered running, a natural talent for the human body.

Running gives you strength.

Do you know how muscles work? They are a flexible material of organic mass that when strained too much, break down and repairs itself stronger than the first time. Exercising and pushing yourself beyond the limit of your body’s capability is the only way to hit that breaking point of increased muscle strength. Running burns calories and fat keeping you lean and in shape.

Running gives you clarity.

Neurons in your brain transmit information throughout the body. It was believed for a long time that we are born with a set number, but science has since proven that vigorous aerobic exercise creates new ones. So by running, you are actually getting smarter. Perhaps the biggest benefit of exercising is pushing aside the negative emotions you feel and let you focus on the activity itself. In the book The Joy of Running, author Monte Davis said, “It’s hard to run and feel sorry for yourself at the same time.”

Over 77 percent of Americans are not getting the exercise they desperately need. Be in the top 23 percent and find clarity, strength and energy in running. Start small and work up to a more challenging regiment. Whatever you do, stick to a routine and do not give up!

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