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Yesterday, I stated this poll asking whether people preferred resistance/strength training or cardio. I added only these two options because that’s all that my phone would allow, but I honestly didn’t know which would prevail. To my surprise, the strength training won by a landslide, and that makes me happy. In my opinion, cardio has smugly occupied the throne of fitness in our minds for far too long. This is because of the stress placed upon it by health professionals, its use in military training, and the like. But it looks like it a shift may be occurring.

I do not discount the value of cardiovascular training, it most definitely has its place. But if it is in a contest of importance with strength, it loses. Think about how useful being stronger is in everyday life. It helps you with so many things: carrying stuff (or people), pushing things, pulling things, lifting things up…each of these categories can be narrowed down to fit you specifically. If you are a stay at home mom, it looks like picking up kids, moving items, and loading things into the car. If you do lawn care, it involves moving heavy equipment and holding it for extended periods of time. If you work in an office, being stronger can even improve your posture and make you the go-to when boxes need to be moved (maybe not a plus, but still). Sure, some of these things also require cardio, but the truth is that typically, enough cardio comes from doing the strength training anyway. If you walk regularly for your commute, then your cardio is probably already sufficient to handle that. But being stronger even makes this easier because your body doesn’t have to work as hard to do these same tasks.

Like I said, I do think cardio has its place. It is great for weight loss when used correctly, but it should not be used to the neglect of strength training.

The bottom line on this is, if you are asking yourself whether you should train for strength, then the answer is yes. It may be different for people depending on training history, injuries, fitness goals, and a massive number of other variables, but is always some form of yes. Stronger people are people who enjoy their lives more. Strength doesn’t fix your problems and isn’t the answer to all the questions that life asks, but it does make you more able to handle the things that come your way.

💪🏻If you think a fitness coach may help you, message me. I’d love to talk and see if we’d be a good fit to work together. And if you just have questions, message me as well! I’m, happy to help, I love this!

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