If the vast majority of the day is spent at the computer, you should definitely take a look at the benefits that pilates have to your life.
The increase in waist-to-back workout causes back, neck and back pain to increase because sitting and staying too long will weaken the back muscles and cause imbalances in the anterior and posterior muscles. As a result, arthritis, muscle tensions, waist and neck hernias and aches, as well as problems such as posture dysfunction, ie, hunchback, spinal curve, waist flatness, become common complaints of table head workers. These pain, which can be treated with exercise and pain relief in the first place, can later become chronic diseases. Especially in stressful working conditions, the best solution is to have a correct sitting pattern and regular exercise.

What are the Benefits of Pilates Provides for All Day Sitting Workers?

Many physiotherapists, physicians and pilates trainers say that people who work long hours at the desk are more affected by muscle and skeletal system disorders than other people. Pilates, which brings a new dimension to the exercise systems of our age, is an exercise system based on fundamental physiotherapy designed to strengthen muscle and skeletal system and increase flexibility. In other words, it is a synthesis of movement systems that support people to gain their own body coordination and domination.

Pilates purpose; postural disorders, muscular, joint, spinal problems, pain relief from stres, and strengthening the immune system. Carpal tunnel syndrome, which is caused by arthritis in the joints, wrist and hand caused by wrists and hands, neck flatness, weight gain due to inactivity, circulatory disturbances are the most common diseases that are most common in long sitting at the computer and can be reduced by pilates and even eliminated completely .

Pilates strengthens the muscles that support the spine and vertebrae, reducing the risk of difficulty and injury, correcting posture, reducing back pain, accelerating healing and preventing recurrence of back pain. Pilates is helping to get away from the stress of the day while at the same time providing effective solutions to problems that arise from long-standing keyboards.

What else do you need to be aware of when working at the desk?

To get the most out of your body damage while working at the table, be sure to have a proper seating pattern as well as the following tips:

  • Always use a pillow to keep your back sitting on the chair and protect your waistline during work.
  • Avoid movements and positions that cause the spine to stretch or bend over to the front and back during work.
  • The computer screen should not be too far away, the screen should be neither too far nor too far below eye level.
  • You should try to keep the knees at a 90-degree angle.
  • Give breaks during the day and recreate and restore opportunities to muscle and joints.
  • You should change seat settings now. Since the seat adjustment joints also change position, you can prevent muscle strains and strains caused by your seat.


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