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So it’s time to start trip planning and you have decided to do something a little different with your group of buddies for your upcoming vacation. A beach holiday is too clean and perhaps a road trip is too safe. Well, what could be more fun than rolling around knee deep in mud, tomatoes, wine and being showered with happiness, not all at the same time though.

Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting events taking place this year where fun, memories and stories to tell are guaranteed.

Tough Mudder

First up, let’s take a look at Tough Mudder which is not for the weak at heart, they hold a series of events or mud runs with obstacles throughout the US and worldwide, ranging from a mile to 10 miles and even a 24 hour no fear event. Placing well in one of these events will sure to give you the ultimate in bragging rights.

When: April — November

Where: All across US

Spartan Race

Another race event featuring obstacles and plenty of mud is the Spartan Race, in which they claim it will change your life. Races range from 3 miles to marathon length distances with varying levels of difficulty, from the Spartan Sprint to the Spartan Ultra Beast. With events all over the USA as well as worldwide and throughout the year you can be sure of an event near you.

When: All year round

Where: All across the world

The Color Run

For the next event were going to lose the mud, that’s because you are about to embark on the happiest 5000 meters of your life in full technicolor. Welcome to the color run, a 5 kilometre race where you will be showered in color, or to be more precise colored food-grade cornstarch. The color run places emphasis not on completion times, but happiness and fun, perfect if your not the competitive type.

When: All year round

Where: 35+ countries

Haro Wine Festival

Don’t worry, this is not the type of wine festival where you stand around quaffing wine and spitting into buckets, we promised you fun and dirty events. Held in the town of Haro Spain the best way to describe the Haro Wine Festival, is basically one big wine fight. Yup, that’s right, from 9 am on the 29th of June everyone will start chucking buckets of wine over each other, until around midday and then the festivities and party will continue into the night.

When: June 27th-30th

Where: Haro, Spain

La Tomatina

Do you fancy attending the world’s biggest tomato fight? Well, you can do just that in the town of Bunol Spain. Running since 1945, the event lasts an hour on the last Wednesday of August. Getting covered in tomatoes from head to toe is guaranteed, as everyone in the town gets involved in the massive tomato fight. Certainly not the event to attend if you are not a tomato lover.

When: August 29th

Where: Buñol, Spain

Boryeong Mud Festival

Held in Daecheon Beach South Korea, this mud event features tourists, students and lots of alcohol-fuelled fun, what could be better? It originally began in 1997 to promote the health benefits of the mud, but these days we doubt anyone attends for health benefits. At the event which is held in July, find a mud prison, mudslides and mud pools which all will surely satisfy any mud cravings you may have.

When: July 13th-22nd

Where: Boryeong, South Korea

There you have it, it doesn’t matter if you have a need for tomatoes, to be covered from head to toe in wine or perhaps you just want to prove how tough you are, there is something to satisfy everyone from local to international.

It’s time for you and your buddies to get dirty in 2018.

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