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Fitness Marketing Monthly is a brand-new, fully tax-deductible, no-risk subscription service designed to empower you to win control of your future and grow your fitness business with confidence.

It didn’t take long for me to get frustrated with the fitness industry.

I had followed the conventional path:

  • Fall in love with health and fitness . . .
  • Get certified . . .
  • Get hired at a gym . . .
  • Build a book of clients . . .

. . . And all I had to show for it were early mornings, long days, and far too many client cancellations.

My certification didn’t prepare me for the business of fitness. Nobody prepared me for the business of fitness.

And that’s why I was driven to create Fitness Marketing Monthly:

You Deserve to Thrive

If you feel helpless at times, I can relate. But there’s no use for excuses — not when so many others enjoy so much success. You deserve a piece of that pie.

The most successful fit pros aren’t just good at coaching. They’re also exceptional marketers, and they know how to operate their businesses so they stay in control without spending every waking hour to keep the lights on.

Trying to learn it all by yourself with aimless online searches is a waste of time. Sure, you may find a tip here and there, but you need more.

If you’re willing to invest in yourself, have a burning desire to acquire the skills, and think it’s time to stop making excuses; if you’re frustrated by all the contradictory and conflicting bits of advice from people who, as far as you can tell, aren’t even all that successful themselves; then it’s time for a change.

Fitness Marketing Monthly was created to help you overcome the deluge of endless and (usually) aimless information.

We cut out the fluff. FMM is simply the best information, carefully curated from the most trusted sources, delivered to your doorstep each month in an exclusive dossier.

I understand how challenging it is to build and grow a thriving fitness business.

I can relate to the helpless feeling that creeps in from trying to keep up, thinking that everyone is doing things better, and faster, than you.

This is your chance to gain an unfair advantage. This is what you need to thrive.

Subscribe at the charter rate — our lowest price ever:

Fitness Marketing Monthly

The Answer You’ve Been Looking For

Through the PTDC community, I’ve been listening to you, or others just like you, every day since 2011. I’ve analyzed your comments, compiled notes, posted surveys, and conducted interviews.

From all of this data, the bubbling frustration under the surface became clear: Most forward-thinking fitness pros want to have a better business, and are working hard to figure out how. But they’re still being confused, cheated, overwhelmed, and led astray.

It’s time for this nonsense to stop.

If any of this message resonates with you, then YOU are the reason that I created Fitness Marketing Monthly. I’d love for you to join us here:

-Coach Jon

P.S. Subscribe now and I’ll send you more than $300 in FREE gifts. We’ll ship to you via priority mail the 73-pageBusiness Lifestyle Revolution Manual ($199 value) and The Fitness Business Wealth Proliferation Guide ($99 value) upon your subscription.

These powerful gifts are yours to keep, with my compliments, even if you decide you want a full refund. I’m so confident that you’ll love FMM and that it’s what you’ve been missing that I’m willing to absorb all of the risk. Join us here: FITNESS MARKETING MONTHLY

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