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With the snow completely gone and good weather soaking our backyards, many green

thumbs are excited to get outside and get their gardens growing. Enjoying the outdoors

and getting a little exercise in the process can be a great way to get in shape. But be

careful not to do too much too soon, especially if you’ve been sedentary over the winter


Here is a quick list of tips that will help keep the aches and pains at bay while keeping

your garden beautiful:

Warm up — don’t start by lifting the heavy bag of topsoil. Start with some of your lighter

work so your muscles can warm up before doing that heavy lifting.

Lift correctly — keep you back straight, use your powerful leg muscles and keep the load

close to your body. If at all possible, split the heavy load into several smaller ones.

Take breaks and alternate between light and heavy — mix up when you do heavy work

and light work. Giving your body a little break in between heavy jobs can make a huge


Kneel to plant — this takes the strain off your back and hips. Using knee pads or a

kneeling pad will take some pressure off your knees as well.

Change your position often — this will keep you from overstraining any one spot on your


Use the right tools — a hose is preferable to a watering can, a wheelbarrow makes moving

heavy loads a breeze, and ergonomic lightweight long handled tools are a must.

Most importantly, ease into it. Overdoing it is the most common mistake people make.

Start with a few hours and see how you feel over the next few days. Sore muscles often

take some time to show up.

Following these tips should make for a pain free start to the gardening season. If you do

strain something and the pain last for more than 48 hours seek some care from a health

care professional. Don’t let aches and pains keep you out of the garden.

For more tips on healthy, pain-free living, call or visit

Tel: (416) 477–1101



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